YouTube crypto purge is back, two channels deleted without any warnings

The leading video-sharing platform YouTube has once again censored the crypto content on its platform without any warning or prior strikes. YouTube deleted two crypto channels from the platform abruptly without any prior notice.

The video-sharing platform YouTube is again targetting crypto YouTubers on its platform. The platform today deleted two crypto-related channels entirely without any prior notice or warnings. Later last year, YouTube removed several videos and channels related to cryptocurrency analysis without any reasons.


YouTube terminates two crypto channels without any warning

YouTube is the world’s largest centralized video-sharing platform, and many creators depend on the platform for their livelihoods. YouTube has been continuously censoring crypto-related content for some time now. In a recent attack, YouTube suspended two crypto channels named, Doopiecash and Crypto Crow. The platform sent warnings to other crypto channels as well. Crypto Crow operator Jasonappleton tweeted that YouTube terminated his channel. He also said that his channel had a strike, and it was done without any warning. 


YouTube continues to censor crypto-related content

This is not the first time that YouTube has suspended crypto-related channels on its platform. It has been an ongoing issue, and YouTube has failed to recognize and take corrective measures. The censorship against crypto YouTubers is still not understandable as these content creators claimed that they followed all guidelines of YouTube and did everything according to them. This censorship has hurt several crypto content creators as they continue to fear getting suspended anytime from the platform. 

Earlier, several from the crypto industry called out YouTube censorship. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and TRON founder Justin Sun also called out for the need for decentralized video-sharing platforms amid the brutal censorship by YouTube. Currently, it seems like YouTube has made up its mind to clean its platform from crypto-related content creators. YouTube has been under constant attack for not removing conspiracy channels that spread fake news and other harmful content, but it has decided to remove crypto-related content instead.

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