YouTube admits mistake, reinstates crypto-related videos.

YouTube has started to reinstate crypto-related videos on its platform. The video-sharing platform had suddenly deleted several cryptocurrency and blockchain videos without any prior warnings.


YouTube finally broke the silence on crypto censorship on its platform. The video-sharing platform started taking down cryptocurrency videos from 23rd December, and it impacted several crypto content creators all over the world. In some cases, YouTube deleted the entire channels of crypto influencers.


YouTube has started to reinstate crypto-related videos.

YouTube responded on Twitter to a complaint by a crypto content creator by the name The Moon. YouTube tweeted that it was an error on their side during the review process, and video should be reinstated and strikes resolved. YouTube Team also responded to several other YouTubers who had made the same complaint. The Google-owned video-sharing platform has been facing a lot of criticism from the crypto community for censoring bitcoin.


Crypto-content creators loose trust in YouTube

Even though YouTube has started to reinstate videos that it took down, citing harmful and dangerous content, it has lost the faith of the crypto community. Cryotocurrency YouTubers are already looking for a decentralized alternative for YouTube. Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao tweeting about the YouTube censorship said that these platforms are destroying a lot of value for people and its time to look at alternatives. Tron founder Justin Sun also criticized YouTube for censoring cryptocurrencies on its platform.

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