Wisconsin State Assembly candidate accepts crypto donations to challenge a state regulator.

Phil Anderson, a real estate broker, and entrepreneur is now accepting cryptocurrency donations for his Assembly campaign. According to an official statement by Anderson, crypto donations are available via major cryptocurrency payment service provider BitPay. The Wisconsin State Assembly candidate’s campaign is accepting crypto donations despite regulatory uncertainty from the Wisconsin Ethics Commission. In 2018, Anderson accepted Bitcoin donations in his campaign for Governor of Wisconsin despite the WEC finding them a “serious challenge” to compliance with state law. Crypto news aggregator platforms are the best way to keep track of crypto and blockchain space. 


Wisconsin Assembly candidate is rechallenging the regulator.

The Wisconsin Assembly candidate is rechallenging the regulator, arguing that the WEC “declined to interpret its own rules competently.” In 2018, the WEC had failed to arrive at a decision regarding the legal status of crypto donations in the state. Phil Anderson promises to “push for the laws to be friendly toward cryptocurrency in Wisconsin.” The candidate believes that cryptocurrencies are a legitimate way to make campaign donations because “cryptocurrency is money.” If my opponent or the Ethics Commission is interested in challenging me, I’m ready for a fight,” Änderson said. Several politicians have been accepting donations in cryptocurrencies in the USA. 

Earlier, the former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang had voiced a positive opinion on crypto, and he also accepted donations in digital currencies. 


Crypto adoption increases amid the ongoing pandemic. 

Crypto regulations in most countries are still in a grey area, but since the beginning of this year, the global adoption of cryptocurrencies has increased significantly. Crypto trading volume on peer-to-peer platforms increased significantly this year, especially in African and South American continents. Russia also reported noticeable growth in cryptocurrency adoption this year. According to new research from the blockchain analytical company Chainalyisis, Ukraine beats Russia, China, and more in crypto adoption globally on different matrics.