Winklevoss twins become billionaire once again as bitcoin surges.

Winklevoss twins have once again become billionaires after the price of leading cryptocurrency bitcoin reached its highest level since January 2018.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, each of the Winklevoss twins is worth about US$1 billion. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss bought $11 million worth of Bitcoins in 2013, according to the New York Times, and soon became evangelists, creating crypto exchange Gemini Trust Co. The 39-year-old brothers, who gained widespread fame following the release of the 2010 movie “The Social Network,” briefly became billionaires in 2017 when Bitcoin soared to a record before the volatile currency plummeted.


Winklevoss twins remain bullish on bitcoin. 

The price of Bitcoin is being driven by all of the money printing and uncertainty in the world right now,” Tyler Winklevoss, who is Gemini’s chief executive officer, said in a statement. The price of bitcoin has reached its highest level since January 2018. Gemini CEO had earlier tweeted that stimulus packages by US governments are free advertising for bitcoin as more cash inflow in the market would depreciate the value of the US dollar. The fact that the federal bank can print dollars out of thin air proves the case for bitcoin. Winklevoss had previously called out the impact of massive stimulus packages on the economy and the US dollar. 


“Bitcoin will be the only refuge in the future.”

Tyler Winklevoss had earlier tweeted, “Stonks love nothing more than when the money printer goes brrrr like an A-10 warthog. It’s full-fledged addiction that’s not going to end until it has to. When that will happen is hard to predict, but what’s certain is that Bitcoin will be your only refuge.” The Gemini crypto exchange co-founder said that the White House is proposing a new 1.8 trillion dollar advertisement campaign for bitcoin. At the time of writing, bitcoin is changing hands at just above $15,500. 

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