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Will Bitcoin Bulls ever take charge again?



When Bitcoin is soaring, it demonstrates the rollercoaster propelling upward, and when Bitcoin is crashing, it is seen bearing a close vertical drop.

A Stunning History of Bitcoin’s High points and low points

A standout amongst the most well known memes on the cryptocurrency subreddit r/bitcoin, apparently the biggest centralization of Bitcoin aficionados on the web, delineates a toon coin riding a thrill ride with its hands waving fiercely noticeable all around. On days when Bitcoin is soaring in price, the image demonstrates the rollercoaster propelling straight upward, and on days when Bitcoin is crashing, the amusing copy is seen bearing a close vertical drop. This double sided web joke has went with almost every critical development in Bitcoin’s price lately and is telling in its recurrence.

Bitcoin's High points and low points

Bitcoin is interminably rising and falling in relative fiat esteem, and even mid 2018’s 70% decline isn’t surprising, nor is it the most noticeably bad at any point saw. Indeed, even in the midst of the most sickening of freefalls, experienced traders remain courageous, on the grounds that they’ve been there previously. Holding through a correction is just about a transitional experience for cryptocurrency investors, and the gathering’s most experienced veterans have persevered through more than what’s coming to them throughout the years.

June 2011

The beginning of Bitcoin were its ‘Wild West‘— a period when not very many exchanges made exchanging conceivable, and when just the most courageous of the overcome dunked their toes in. Such conditions were everything except kept from liquidity, thus when the price started rising from around $0.95, the slope and the accompanying drop were a portion of the steepest at any point recorded.

BTCUSD Price Chart mid 2011

BTCUSD Price Chart Mid 2011

In mid-June 2011, Bitcoin’s price come to as high as $32.00 per coin before tumbling the distance to $2.00 in November. At a 94% decline, this crash still keeps up its record and holds excruciating recollections for early investors, however the individuals who held solid are currently checking their fortunate stars (and wads of bills). Thinking back, this twofold digit unequaled high appears to be low, yet one must recollect that there was a small amount of the present volume and intrigue. Bitcoin was as yet a to a great extent obscure idea try, and nobody had any sign of its future. In like manner, $32 appeared like a decent time to take benefit, particularly after such a spike, and different traders started to surrender.

January 2012

The second critical crash happened a very long time after Bitcoin bottomed out at $2.00 per coin. In spite of the fact that the price had dramatically increased from lows before the finish of 2011, the market was as yet dreadful, as it had viewed the cryptocurrency tumble from $32.00 just as of late.

BTCUSD Price Chart 2011 End - 2012 Beginning

BTCUSD Price Chart 2011 End – 2012 Beginning

Beginning the year at a hopeful $4.50, Bitcoin expanded in January to over $7.00. Be that as it may, plunge purchasers today should look to this time and observe, as it embodies a vital reality: Bitcoin isn’t ensured to achieve its past untouched high before redressing afresh. From around $7.40, it took an unnerving 49% decline to only $3.80 in late January, shaking out a few investors who had held through November’s failure.

April 2013

The period between mid 2012 and 2013 was uneventful. Bitcoin picked up consistently and started 2013 at a price of around $13.00, coming to as high as $17.00 in 2012. Mid 2013 was a bullish stage for the cryptocurrency, as it pushed past its unequaled high of $32.00, achieving $49.00 before a one-day minor correction back to $33.00.

BTCUSD Price Chart 2012 - 2013

BTCUSD Price Chart 2012 – 2013

Numerous new exchanges and traders, notwithstanding extended media scope helped Bitcoin recuperate rapidly, and it put on gains at a hot pace until April, where bulls at long last abdicated at a price of $260.00, breaking admirably into the triple digits. A blackout at the then most famous exchange, Mt. Gox, was likewise credited as driving force for the decline. Benefit bringing transformed into an all out freefall down to $40.00, for an aggregate loss of 83%.

November 2013

Known as the greatest and most excellent of Bitcoin crashes, it’s nothing unexpected that the scandalous 87% decline occurred in November 2013. As the most recent development to $20,000.00 demonstrated, Bitcoin bull runs tend to turn into a craze late in the year. The same number of anticipated, November to January 2014 is a close identical representation of the most recent four months, with an enormous convergence of new traders and media consideration helping bitcoin achieve inconceivable highs.

BTCUSD Price Chart 2014 - 2015

BTCUSD Price Chart 2014 – 2015

In late 2013, the price was nearing $1,200.00—a mentally critical price that helped the resulting rot keep going for quite a long time. With an aggregate of 411 days in correction, helped to a limited extent by the epic implosion of Mt. Gox and deletion of nearly $500 million, the post-November low was just come to in January 2015 at about $150.00.

November 2017

Five years on the dab after Bitcoin’s four-figure make a big appearance, the lord cryptocurrency soar past the five-figure stamp at $10,000.00 and drove the distance to $20,000.00 before losing steam. The two years’ earlier would turn out to be a portion of the best chances to purchase, and even the individuals who bought bitcoin at the year’s opening price of $750.00 picked up essentially.

BTCUSD Price Chart 2016 - 2018

BTCUSD Price Chart 2016 – 2018

In December, a little correction down to $14,000.00 wasn’t sufficient to stop energy, which rapidly took it back to $17,000.00 before separating. Worries about Bitcoin’s manageability, particularly with a plenty of noteworthy elective arrangements being discharged, just made the selloff more extraordinary. Support rose close $5,900.00—the mid-to-late 2017 level when the cryptocurrency evaluating started showing a close exponential ascent. An aggregate decline of more than 70% could go lower, if 2013 is anything to pass by, yet markets are hopeful for 2018.

Looking Forward

On the off chance that anything, this long history of rehashed blast and bust is a hopeful flag. When Bitcoin entered the features, it never left, and it keeps on snowballing in notoriety with retail investors and media consideration the more it remains important. All through administrative weights, technical challenges, and numerous a larger number of corrections than the ones featured over, the cryptocurrency has stayed at the front line of the Blockchain upset.

Bitcoin’s destiny is fixing to more than its adherents, in any case, and the multi-year battle that happened post-2013 exhibits that the way back upwards isn’t in every case straight. With its whales making waves at whatever point they like, miners scanning for different approaches to benefit, and another prospects market, Bitcoin’s viewpoint remains anything besides straightforward after Yesterday’s sudden market crash.


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It is an amazing time to be getting into bitcoin right now. We have seen this massive retracement, a lot of support and a decent amount of volume at the current level of bitcoin. There are a lot of things going on in the background that makes us incredibly bullish about bitcoin.

Chinese bitcoin billionaire Zhao Dong says “buy bitcoin now, when no one really cares”.

When the price of bitcoin is at extreme highs, most people are paying attention. Now that it’s gone down, there is fear, depression, and anger. This is the time to think counterintuitively to the crowd and there are a lot of people who are doing that right now.

Zhao goes on to say “I don’t persuade people to buy bitcoin because it seems easy to make quick money but in fact, it is not”. He says “now is the bear market and this is the time I start to talk people into buying bitcoin”.


Fairfax County invests in Crypto Fund

Recently we saw two public pensions from Fairfax County Virginia, police officer retirement system and employee retirement system investing in Morgan Creek’s $40 million crypto fund. That important because when pension funds start investing, it sends a signal to other pension funds to follow them.

Institutional investors are already here and they are only going to rise now. Michael Novogratz has come out saying that the markets won’t go to $20 trillion right away. He said what is going to happen is that one of these pension funds who is a market leader is going to say “We’ve got custody, Goldman Sachs is involved, Bloomberg has an index and I can track my performance against them”. And then the others are going to buy. This is the same type FOMO that we saw in retail and it will be demonstrated in institutional investors. Maybe, Mike Novogratz is absolutely right at this. The institutional investors will trickle in and then it is going to be a tsunami wave with trillions of dollars.

Barry Silbert came out and said that he is convinced of whatever money is in gold is not going to stay in gold. He said, “that get’s handed out to millennials, I am highly confident that a lot of that money will go into bitcoin”.

Maybe Barry is also right as bitcoin is gold for the new generations. Bitcoin is the new technology and the new investment vehicle. According to the numbers we are seeing, we see a massive amount of interest coming from the younger age groups primarily with the older age groups being suspicious of things that they don’t quite understand.


Goldman Sachs OTC Desk:

Goldman Sach’s bitcoin OTC desk is one of the largest facilitators of OTC trades in the world is seeming to provide evidence that ultra high net worth individuals, hedge funds and other financial entities are indeed trafficking in bitcoin. In the background, they are buying, selling, holding in cold storage and doing wallet to wallet transactions. Bitcoin is increasingly being seen as a vehicle of wealth, a store of value and a time of global uncertainty.

According to sources at Goldman Sachs, they see particularly that the people who come to them trust Goldman Sachs. The fact that Goldman Sachs is making this available says a lot to all these different investors who are coming in. They saw Goldman Sachs investing in Circle and other bitcoin-related firms and the investors are increasingly becoming comfortable with digital currencies. The narrative that bitcoin is digital gold has begun to take hold in the minds of investors. This has led to increased volumes we have been seeing in 2018 and throughout the beginning of 2019. If the global economy continues to soften, we can, of course, expect those volumes to continue to increase.

Another source at Goldman Sachs said that the OTC volumes have increased across the board, global economic uncertainty and a flight to safety now includes bitcoin. This news is from the people inside the OTC desk who are dealing with these high net worth individuals. The source goes on to say that this is why we are seeing an increase in volume year by year. Goldman Sachs is a major player here, they have got the first mover priveledges at Circle because of their equity stake in the firm. So they are more effective from a pricing standpoint than other large bank facilitators. The clients of Goldman Sachs know this and this increases the confidence in the firm as a safe place to funnel investment dollars into digital assets like bitcoin.


Bitcoin ETF:

SEC commissioner Robert J. Jackson recently did an interview with Congressional Quarterly and expressed views that an SEC-approved bitcoin ETF is inevitable. Add into that, that we now have the SEC review of a bitcoin ETF rule change proposed by the New York Stock Exchange and the Bitwise Asset Management. They are reviewing a rule change to the bitcoin ETF. An SEC approved bitcoin ETF is just a question of time now. When the bitcoin ETF launches, it is going to be a major source of liquidity and will bring even more new investors in.

We might see that time coming soon when regular individuals will not be able to own even one bitcoin. A lot of people are speculating that the same thing is going to happen to bitcoin when bitcoin ETF will launch as it happened to gold when the gold ETF was launched. There is a good chance that history could indeed repeat for digital gold.



Then, of course, there is a falling supply emission. The next halving for bitcoin is only a year away and a little more than a decade, the block reward for bitcoin will be below 1 BTC per block. It depicts how quickly bitcoin is going to become scarce.


What are your thoughts on the future of bitcoin? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Bitcoin: Are we ready for the next crypto bull run?



Let's discuss some points which prove that the next bull run of the bitcoin and crypto market is going to arrive very soon and we should be ready for that.

The crypto world has been suffering from a bear run for last one year. It has reached to a ground level after its historic peak in 2017. The value of various cryptocurrencies has been dropped significantly. Now, as the trend of any financial market, a bull run is expected after the bear run. Since the bear market achieved by crypto space is so big, a bull run is unavoidable to come. But the confusion was when? It could have been tomorrow or after some months or some years. But if we go through the recent trends of the crypto space, the next bull run is going to arrive very soon.

Let’s discuss some points which prove that the next bull run of the crypto market is going to arrive very soon and we should be ready for that.


1. Improvement in the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours:

Slowly but gradually, bitcoin has started to rise once again. If we discuss the value of bitcoin on 18 February 2019, it started on $3574 on the mid-night and by the end of the day, the value had an increment of $376, reaching at $3950. This is indeed a good sign for both the bitcoin as well as the crypto space. Even if we talk about the monthly comparison, it was $3441 at the starting of this year.  If we focus on the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum has also visited a growth of around 17% on 18 February 2018, reaching around $147 from $126. Not only the above two, rather other cryptocurrencies like Ripple XRP, Litecoin etc. also have started to rise. This significant rising in the value of several cryptocurrencies could be a sign of returning of bull run of the crypto market. This means that the bull market of crypto space is on the verge to arrive and we should be ready for it.


2. The chances of the stock market to crash:

Another prominent reason for the blossom of the bull run of the crypto market is the prediction of crashing of the stock market and that too soon. There have been the signs that the stock market would crash this year but the signs of crashing have increased significantly. The stock market has seen various factors such as high volatility in recent days, the high-interest rates in US etc. These factors are the sign of crashing of the stock market. Since, there is an inverse relationship between the stock market and the crypto market, with the soon crashing of the stock market, one can assume that the next bull run of the crypto market is going to hit very soon and the investors should be prepared about this.


3. History of bear run and bull run in crypto history:

Bear run and bull run- both are the two faces of a coin. One goes and one arrives. If we carefully look at the history of bitcoin from 2009 till today, we can get the trends it has followed in the past. The first bull run it faced after being invented was in mid-2011 when the price rose from $1 in April 2011 to $31 in July 2011. Then a bear run was faced after that it lasted around one year when the value went down to $2.00. Again after this bear run, a massive bull run returned rising bitcoin to $1200 in 2013. After February 2014, again a bear run came and lasted till early 2015 and the price falling down to $200. And again the historical bull run came and led it to $19000 in 2017. After that, the crypto space is facing a bear run. So, if we look at these historical data, we get to know that it’s time for the next bull run and we must be ready for that.


4. The reason for big firms entering the crypto space:

The crypto space has not been limited to just small and new companies only. The tech giants are taking the interest in this and this may be the sign that they have understood that the next bull run in so close. If we talk about Microsoft, it in on its way to launch and collaborate with Bakkt, there are also sgn of Apple working on blockchain etc. Recently, JP Morgan has also launched one of its stable digital coins. The trade analyst of these mega giants companies has understood that the next bull run can return anytime and you should also be ready for that.


Every element of crypto space is waiting for the bull run to return in the crypto space. The investors, the traders, the cryptocurrencies, big firms etc. all are waiting for the next bull run and if we consider the latest trends such like of above-mentioned ones, you must be ready for the next bull run of crypto market and bitcoin.

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10 facts that prove that Craig Wright is not the real Satoshi Nakamoto



A lot of people in the past has tried to claim that they are Satoshi. Let's discuss 10 reasons why Craig Wright is not the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Everyone is aware of the impact that bitcoin has marked on today’s world. However, huge the success bitcoin gained in the financial market, more is the mystery about the inventor of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin in 2008 and made it an open source in the year 2009. But Satoshi disappeared in 2010. No one knows how to salute Satoshi, whether he or she or they!

A lot of people in the past has tried to claim that they are Satoshi, however, all the claims have been proved and till date, no one has the identity of Satoshi. In this article, we will discuss 10 reasons why Craig Wright is not the real Satoshi Nakamoto.


1. Craig Wright has not proven the ownership of the private keys of Satoshi. Although he tried to make the non-technical journalists fool by presenting the verification scripts, even any average student using cmd (command line) tools can find out the deception in the verification script that he was trying to show as a proof of ownership of Satoshi’s private keys.


2. Jimmy Song, a famous Bitcoin developer and one of the popular person on Youtube for crypto space recently had few harsh words for the Craigh claims for Satoshi. Jimmy said that he believes that Wright holds zero credibility to be Satoshi and no one should listen to his false claims. He made fun of Wright by saying that Craig Wright is just like a fat kid who falsely claims that have a pretty girlfriend.


3. Even Vitalik Buterin, a famous personality in crypto space denied the opinions of Craig to be Satoshi. In one of his interviews, he said that if he really was Satoshi, he could have proved by a simple private key but he presented a complex and bogus proof to the public to prove that he was Satoshi. He said that he believes that all the claims by Craig are false.


4. Even if Craig was Satoshi, why a person would show the world that he owns million of bitcoin in the cryptographic way of proof so that anyone can easily steal that billion worthy digital coins? I mean just for the sake of proving the identity, why would someone invite the hackers to steal all the bitcoin? This seems completely irrelevant.


5. Craig in his process to prove himself tried to fool all by using two similar words ‘signature’ and ‘signiture’. In his script, at one place he defined as ‘signature’ and while running the script, he used the word ‘signiture’. Anyone can understand this bogus proof easily just by having a careful look on the script that he portrayed.


6. John McAfee, a famous personality in computer programming and McAfee group, publicly denied the claims of Craig. He said the definitely, Craig is not the real Satoshi Nakamoto. He further added that he knew who the true Satoshi is. He has known him from the past. As per him, Satoshi is neither a committee nor the Craig Wright. Satoshi is a single and very intelligent individual.


7. There is no special event for Craig to prove that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. If he was the real Satoshi, he could have presented him in the public in the past when the bitcoin was on the peak. Also, when asked about the same in an interview, Craig Wright has no proper answer to it. Why would a person hide his identity when his creation was ruling the world and all of a sudden he would reveal his identity having no special event or reason? This is really not acceptable of Craig’s claims.


8. In one of the papers published by real Satoshi, he mentioned about some age of twenties. If this is taken as the age of Satoshi at that time then, this makes an incompatible age difference between Craig and the real Satoshi. Craig has his year of birth as 1970 and the paper published was in 2009-2010. So, if this assumption of the word twenty and age in a single line to be talking about Satoshi’s age is assumed true, then for sure Craig is not Satoshi.


9. Craig has stopped claiming himself as Satoshi Nakamoto these days after a lot of people cam publicly and thrashed the claims made by Craig. In a recent interview when asked about a question that is he the real Satoshi, he refused to answer directly. He has already been titled as a ‘faketoshi’! Why a person would refuse to accept his own identity even if some people of a society are not believing him? It is very difficult to digest.


10. The same day, when Craig Wright published his fake public cryptographic proof to claim as the real Satoshi and met Gavin Andresen, one news came that Anderson’s commit access to the Bitcoin Core was removed and the core team was concerned that it was probably hacked. This also gives the sign that Craig’s proof was not so much true and maybe someone on his behalf tried to hack bitcoin core accesses to steal some data and help Craig to claim.

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