Why YouTube and Twitter are censoring crypto-related content?

Recently, YouTube took down several crypto-related videos without any warning. Twitter is also censoring from promoting crypto-related content on the platform.

Chris Dunn, a well-known crypto content creator, complained that video-sharing platform giant YouTube took most of his videos down without any warning. YouTube cited that these violated its polices of “harmful or dangerous content.”


Twitter is also censoring crypto-related content.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is a well-known bitcoin and blockchain advocate. Recently, Jack revealed his future plans for Twitter and how they plan to decentralize the social media platform. But as of now, Twitter is censoring crypto-related content. Nischal Shetty, the CEO of Warzix crypto exchange, which was recently acquired by Binance, tweeted that Twitter does not let him pay to promote his tweet. He said that the social media platform had barred him because he tweets about crypto.


YouTube clamps down on crypto content creators.

Google-owned YouTube has flagged several videos related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies all of a sudden. Some claimed that YouTube deleted their entire channels without any prior notification. A YouTube channel by the name Crypto India tweeted that YouTube banned him from uploading any video or do a live stream for at least a week. This was not an isolated incident several Youtubers who make crypto-related videos and tutorials were hit by the sudden weave of censorship. There seems to be no logical reason as to why such big platforms are trying to censor cryptocurrency.

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