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Why the .com rage is shifting to NFT Domains?

The .com domain name was all the rage years ago. Now, the focus is shifting to NFT domains, which provide much more benefits.

The .com domain name was all the rage years ago. Now, the focus is shifting to NFT domains, which provide much more benefits., an NFT domain marketplace, has launched the minting of numerous premium NFT Domain Name extensions, such as .metaverse, .VR, and .chain.

According to, introducing these new domain names allows consumers and projects the opportunity to get extremely desired, memorable addresses.

Although they may appear to be standard web URLs at first glance, they offer much more.

These domains can be used as a universal login across Web3, whether you’re in a game or a virtual environment. They can also ease cryptocurrency transactions by eliminating cumbersome alphanumerical wallet addresses—long strings of letters and numbers that can be prone to errors.

Complete ownership removes the possibility of centralization and censorship; these domains can also be used to create websites.

All of these compelling use cases, according to Quik, will be made possible once the platform’s Chrome extension debuts, which is anticipated to happen before the end of the year.

Such customized domains are destined to serve as the cornerstone of Web3, a society in which tech behemoths are disregarded, and people once again have control over their data.

Additionally, these usernames will act as crypto wallets where we may securely keep our digital assets and serve as a key identity in our online existence.

Currently, 9 TLDs are available for minting on










Thanks to these factors, users now have the freedom to have a domain that supports the coins or technology they most strongly support.

Steps for creating a blockchain domain

According to Quik, minting or buying an NFT domain is simple and rapid. They are free from centralized organizations like ICANN since they are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Users can use MetaMask or the other mobile wallet to log in or create an account on From this point on, they can advance to finish a transaction by searching for their selected login.

Naturally, the market for NFT domain names can be extremely competitive, which means some names or one-word addresses are soon taken.

Quik’s algorithms provide a variety of alternate choices if a preferred address isn’t available, helping you find the ideal one.

The transaction is verified on the Ethereum network once you have approved it in your wallet. As a result, you won’t have to wait long for the NFT domain to appear in your profile and be available for use as you see fit.

The future of the internet

Quik routinely announces brand-new domain names and provides a countdown to impending launches so users can be among the first to obtain premium titles.

A thriving market also means that you may look through the domains that other users are offering for sale. Quik’s homepage often shares its best recommendations for short and cryptocurrency-related usernames.

Decentralized websites will likely become more important in our online lives in the future, maybe playing a significant role in our identities. And Quik’s mission is straightforward: to provide transparency and make it simple for anyone to advertise, sell, and purchase these digital products.

And unlike domains, which must be renewed annually, anyone who acquires a Quik domain will own it for life, with all associated costs paid upfront. If they choose, they can also sell it through a dedicated marketplace.

There was once a competition to secure the most memorable .com domains. Now that Quik is opening the door to all of the blockchain’s most sought-after usernames, everyone’s eyes are on them.

So, grab your desired NFT domain name right now from