Which Democratic presidential candidate would be better for crypto regulations?

US Presidential elections are scheduled to take place at the end of this year. The list of Democratic nominees has narrowed to two candidates, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden, latter being in the lead.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former vice president Joe Biden are the last two men standing for the US presidential nominee from the Democratic party to face Donald Trump in November. Both the democratic nominee do not have any clear proposals for crypto regulations. 


What would be crypto regulations like under Bernie Sanders?

The self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders just might be the right candidate for the crypto industry in the United States. The progressive Democratic candidate has policies that favor working-class families of the USA rather than the top one percent. But Bernie is currently polling behind Joe Biden after he lost several states on Super Tuesday earlier this month. But it is not over for Bernie Sanders just yet. If he wins the majority of the remaining states, he will win the nomination.


Pro crypto Andrew Yang endorses Joe Biden.

Andrew Yang this week surprised everyone when he announced to endorse moderate Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Andrew Yang was the only candidate who had proposed clear regulations for the crypto industry in the United States. His reason to endorse Joe Biden was that the former vice president is in the lead, and he understands how serious the fourth industrial revolution is. However, Yang faced some criticism for his choice to support a progressive candidate instead of the only progressive candidate. 

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