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What to Watch Out for with Cryptocurrency Casino Games

Learn about essential ins and outs of cryptocurrency gambling games by reading our informative and concise guide.

In many ways, playing cryptocurrency casino games in 2021 is no different than signing up to a conventional online casino and trying your hand at their sites. After all, the gulf between the two types of casinos has shrunk so much that they now offer primarily the same service. What does this mean for crypto games, though? What are some of the ins and outs that you need to know before you play online? Let us find out…

Dedicated BTC and Cryptocurrency Adapted Games

The first thing we would point out about cryptocurrency games is that not all of them are crypto-friendly. As bizarre as it sounds, some cryptocurrency casinos permit deposits with BTC and other options but convert your deposits into FIAT options like US dollars for gameplay. Not every casino software provider has taken the time to make their games BTC-friendly. With that in mind, we would strongly suggest that you check that a casino’s games are adapted for crypto gameplay before you sign up.

Look Out for the Switcheroo

One of the best ways to tell if a casino’s games are Bitcoin-friendly is to look for currency conversions. If you deposit with Bitcoin or Ethereum, but your account balance is in US dollars or another FIAT option, then it is highly unlikely that you are going to be able to wager with cryptocurrency stakes on casino games. This, for us, is a no-no, and we would seek somewhere else to play.

Great Games…For “Most” Players

One of the downsides to having different licensing jurisdictions left, right and centre is that some software developers get left behind. Regional restrictions mean that sometimes not all the developers you see advertised at a crypto casino can offer their titles to players in your country. You can check these on the terms and conditions page at most crypto casinos.

Bonus Eligibility Terms to Consider

You should also head to the terms and conditions page to check the game eligibility rules for cryptocurrency bonuses. Not all Bitcoin bonuses can be used on all games. It is well worth a quick read to ensure that you can use any bonuses you claim on all the top games that a crypto casino has to offer.

Where Are My Jackpots?

Just because a cryptocurrency casino offers NetEnt or Microgaming slots does not mean that you can play their major progressive jackpot games there. Indeed, many casinos provide titles from these developers but exclude the major jackpot prizes. This can be checked quickly by using the casino’s search box to find major progressives.

Top Casinos Ideal for Cryptocurrency Gameplay

All the steps listed above should help you break down your search for a top cryptocurrency casino. Ideally, you will want a site that only offers you the best games in the business, and you can use your bonus on them, and they will be crypto-friendly. Alternatively, you can save yourself time by playing with top crypto gambling sites like the bitcoin casino. That casino has over 5,000 games from forty-plus developers and represents just one of many top cryptocurrency casinos that fulfill all the criteria listed above.