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What is the Dow Jones Index? List of companies included as of Jan 2019.



The Dow Jones Index is simply a stock market index that indicates the value of 30 large, publicly owned companies based in the United States.

The Dow Jones Index is simply a stock market index that indicates the value of 30 large, publicly owned companies based in the United States. It defines how the companies have traded in the stock market during various periods of time. The index is not weighted arithmetic mean and does not represent its component companies’ market capitalization. In 1884, Charles Dow composed his first stock average, which contained nine railroads and two industrial companies. Though comprising the same number of stocks, this index contained only one of the original twelve industrials that would eventually form Dow’s most famous index. To calculate the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the sum of the prices of all 30 stocks is divided by a divisor, the Dow Divisor. The divisor is adjusted in case of stock splits, spinoffs or similar structural changes, to ensure that such events do not in themselves alter the numerical value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


The companies included in the Dow Jones as of Jan 2019:

1. Boeing Co.

2. International Business Machines Corp.

3. Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

4. Exxon Mobile Corp.

5. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.

6. Visa Inc. Class A

7. Home Depot Inc.

8. Intel Corp.

9. Caterpillar Inc

10. Chevron Corp.

11. American Express Co.

12. DowDuPont Inc.

13. United Technologies Corp.

14. Verizon Communications Inc.

15. Walt Disney Co.

16. McDonald’s Corp.

17. Nike Inc. Class B

18. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

19. Walmart Inc.

20. Microsoft Corp.

21. 3M Co.

22. Travelers Cos.

23. Johnson & Johnson

24. Cisco System Inc.

25. Coca-Cola Co.

26. & Gamble Co.

27. United Health Group Inc.

28. Pfizer Inc.

29. Merck & Co.

30. Apple Inc.


DX.Exchange: Buy Securities on Blockchain: Google, Apple, Tesla, Nvidia etc.



A new exchange launching in Europe called DX Exchange is coming out of a very innovative way to offer securities on the blockchain.

A new exchange launching in Europe called DX Exchange is coming out of a very innovative way to offer securities on the blockchain. You can now buy the ten top stock listed on the NASDAQ which are Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla, Netflix, Baidu, Intel, and Nvidia. There are also going to be offering stocks quite soon from the New York Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Exchange, and the Hong Kong Exchange. They starting off with these top 10 because they are supremely massive.


How will DX Exchange Work?

Basically, DX Exchange will buy the stocks and then they are going to issue ERC20 tokens which represent the holding of those stocks and then they are going to be selling those on their exchange. So this will allow basically for people to invest in these real-world stocks and then be entitled to those same real-world dividends from those stocks and be able to move in and out of them easily. This is really exciting in terms of opening up more liquidity to come into the stock markets and more liquidy coming into the crypto markets overall.


Advantages of having stocks represented as ERC20 tokens:

24X7 trading: Keeping in mind that the stock markets are open from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday, Public holidays off etc, the crypto markets have been a real revolution in terms of 24X7 markets. This will yet again bring traditional into the non-traditional.

A fraction of a share: With all the shares tokenized, getting fractions of shares will be made possible. If you cannot afford a full stock of Apple, you can easily buy a half or quarter stock from DX Exchange.

Store stocks on Ethereum wallets: Tokenization of stocks will let you store your stocks on your Trezor, Ledger wallet, MyEtherWallet or others. You no longer have to trust some unknown broker.


DX Exchange: An EU Regulated Security Tokens Exchange

DX Exchange is the first EU regulated security tokens exchange and this step will allow us to see more official security token licensed crypto exchanges coming on board in the coming years. The exchange also offers crypto to crypto trading, fiat to crypto trading, fiat onboarding, deposits and withdraws using credit cards, no trading fees and much more. So overall, it is not only a robust sounding cryptocurrency exchange but offers the ability to invest in stocks on top of that. This trend will continue and we will see more and more exchanges offering securities and traditional investments to investors to access wider liquidity, 24X7 markets etc.

Overall, this is a very positive development for the crypto space. What do you think about DX Exchange? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Lawsuit against Nvidia: Wrong Crypto Mining Revenue Statements



According to the lawsuit, Nvidia has made false statements about how it can help to reduce the consequences of the decreased demand from the crypto market.

A class action level lawsuit has been filed against Nvidia, the tech giant which is also a part of the S&P 500 and reported as the worst performing S&P 500 stock of the last quarter of 2018. According to the lawsuit, Nvidia has made false statements about how it can help to reduce the consequences of the decreased demand from the crypto market.

Schall Law Firm, a firm that expert in shareholder rights litigation and securities-related lawsuits has is the firm behind the lawsuit.


How it all started:

At the start of 2018, as the prices of cryptocurrencies were at an all-time high, the demand for mining rigs and GPUs were extremely high and were being sold at high prices. With the increasing demand, companies such as Nvidia and AMD had to increase their production. However, as the cryptocurrency market started to crash, the demand and price for cryptocurrency mining rigs also crashed which led to an oversupply of mining rigs.

Nvidia soon saw a whooping downward trend in the stock market and by December 2018, it was the worst performing stock on the S&P 500. The massive selloff decreased the value of the stock by around 54%.

Nvidia assured investors that they will tackle the effects of the reduced demand for mining rigs by the strong demand in the gaming industry.

According to the lawsuit claim, based on the following points, the public statements of the company were false and misleading although the class period and as the market started to know the truth about the company, investors faced huge losses.

As the lawsuit is not certified yet, the law firm is encouraging Nvidia investors who purchased the stocks between 10th August 2017 to 15th November 2018 to get in touch with them.

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Dow Jones falls to a new yearly low, Is Bitcoin going to follow?



Dow Jones, a stock market index that indicates the value of 30 large publicly owned companies based in the United States has fallen below 23000 points for the first time since 2017 October and closed at 22859.60 points yesterday with the U.S. stock market crashing massively right before the yearend.

Market analysts are predicting that the stock market is approaching capitulation although the markets may not have entered a proper bearish period yet but seeing the top indexes such as Dow Jones and Nasdaq moving down rapidly, the bear market may not be too far.

Dow Jones had increased more than 25% in 2017 rising from below 19800 points to over 24700 points. According to analysts, a correction was surely due after a large bull run last year.`


Stock Market Crash

The market downtrend in the U.S. markets has extended to all major industries with stocks of major tech companies such as Apple and Amazon falling more than 30% on an average and stocks of manufacturers such as Ford, Target and Tiffany falling between 30% to 35%.
Not only in the US, but markets in countries such as China, South Korea, and Australia are also falling rapidly leading to an increasing unemployment rate in South Korea and the commercial banks grappling in Australia. The SSE Composite has dropped more than 28% due to the trade wars between the United States and China. SSE Composite tracks all the stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange which is one of the two stock exchanges operating independently in the People’s Republic of China.


Is Bitcoin market going to follow Stock Market Crash?

The Bitcoin market has been in a downtrend this year with the significant bearish fall down since November this year when bitcoin fell from around $6500 to the yearly low of $3250 in just around a month. Bitcoin price has been showing symptoms of recovery from Monday this week as the price started to increase gradually above $4000 which was a major relief for cryptocurrency investors and hodlers but today the price of bitcoin has again started to fall down below $4000 range which was a new support level for bitcoin. There is not a proper proof of bitcoin price and stock prices being correlated but we have surely seen both rising and falling side by side in the past. Last year, as the price of bitcoin went to an all-time high of $20,000, the prices of major stocks such as Dow Jones and Nasdaq also showed a massive increase. From the start of this year, the prices of bitcoin, as well as the prices of major stocks, have been on a downfall. Although Bitcoin has seen a more drastic downfall than stocks this year.


What’s next for Bitcoin?

BTCUSD 24 hour chart

BTCUSD 24 hour chart

As bitcoin broke the critical support level around $4000 today, the new support level for bitcoin is now around $3800 and $3850. If this support is broken due to the selling pressure, then bitcoin may test the yearly low once again. Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $3962 according to Bittrex Chart (at the time of writing), with signs of further losses. Earlier, analysts were predicting that the lowest point for bitcoin has still not been achieved even as the price went to $3250. Analysts are predicting the lowest range to be around $2000 and $2500 before bitcoin can actually start to correct back and begin a bull run. The current major resistance lies around $4100 and $4150.


Disclaimer: The following article is not financial advice. The readers are advised to do thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions in the stock market as well as in the cryptocurrency market which is quite volatile.

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