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What is Noah Coin? Trade Noah Coin on Blockonix Exchange.

The Noah Coin can effectively be traded on Blockonix with a transaction fee of 0.1% and a 70% discount with the usage of its
The Noah Coin can effectively be traded on Blockonix with a transaction fee of 0.1% and a 70% discount with the usage of its native token BDT.

Can a cryptocurrency project be invented for the sole purpose of improving the socio-economic status amongst the financial domain?


Cryptocurrency space offers a number of incentives like faster transactional confirmation, no border with respect to countries, and lesser processing fee. but as the size of the Blockchain network was witnessed to be increased, there was a huge amount of congestion which the network experienced which indirectly led to inefficiencies. Therefore in order to further scale the blockchain technology into the cryptocurrencies, many Altcoins have come into the picture, some of them are out of the financial domain. On the other hand, they were initiated with respect to certain subdomains of the financial economy itself. Many cryptocurrency projects are also initiated for the overall development of the entire world itself. Let’s understand the Noah Coin and where you can trade it.

The Noah Coin

Noah Coin is one such cryptocurrency Blockchain platform which was primarily developed in order to improve the social and economic status of people throughout the world. With applications of Blockchain technology the Noah Coin project, primarily aims to reduce the financial and economic stress between Japan and the Philippines. The Noah Coin predominantly aims to assist a particular citizen, in order to manage his liabilities and investments in a highly secure, cheaper, faster as well as transparent manner.

How are Travellers benefited from the Noah Coin?

With the usage of Noah Coin, the customers throughout the world can gain services provided by the cryptocurrency blockchain platform like remittance, mobile services, discounts, as well as trading services. The Noah Coin is basically an icing on the cake, to all the travelers of the world, where with the usage of Noah Coins they need not worry about the currency exchanges until and unless they are provided with a cryptocurrency wallet and an internet service. In a nutshell, the Noah Coin transforms the traveling experience of every traveler.

Was Noah Coin really needed?

Precisely the Noah Coin Blockchain platform was initiated by in order to reduce the transaction fees, that the residence of other countries paid while sending funds into the Philippines. The trading fee charged by the Financial Governance of Philippines contributed to a whopping 10 % of the total GDP this was a great amount of loss to the breadwinners sending funds to their families in the Philippines.

The Noah Coin powered Noah Resort and the Noah City

The article cannot be completed without mentioning the Noah Resort which is initiated by the Noah Coin Blockchain project. The resort is highly famous to provide world-class facilities, and some of them are tennis courts, cove hopping, sunset cruise, billiards, a world-class golf course, horseback riding, zip lining, rock climbing, banana boat, wakeboarding, a fully fitted airsoft facility, rappelling, scuba diving, snorkeling, a bowling alley, jet ski, river cruise, and kayaking. If the people use the Noah Coins at various outlets of the resort, then effective discounts can be availed by the customers. Another major venture on the Noah Coin roadmap is the creation and development of a ‘Noah City’ within the capital city of Philippines, Manila.

Now trade Noah Coin on, one of the best decentralized Crypto exchange, Blockonix

The Noah Coin is specifically nothing but an ERC 20 protocol based Ethereum token. The Ethereum based cryptocurrency token is available at various cryptocurrency exchange outlets. But it is imported important to note that it is also available on one of the best decentralized Crypto exchange Blockonix.   Blockonix supports more than hundreds of Ethereum based tokens, and even the Noah Coin can effectively be traded on Blockonix with a transaction fee of 0.1% and a 70% discount with the usage of its native token BDT.


Apart from providing such user experiences, the Noah Coin can effectively be bought through the Blockonix exchange. The cryptocurrency project seems to be highly promising, but one must be careful and take complete responsibility of their decisions in case of any unexpected consequences, just in case if the Noah Coin fails to achieve its promises to its customers.  Apart from being available on Blockonix, the Noah Foundation which is the parent organization of the Noah Coin project sincerely awaits to eradicate the socio-economic inequalities within the globalized financial economy. The Noah Coin’s philanthropic efforts have rendered the project to initiate charity services through its parent company.