What is Mithril coin? Trade MITH on Blockonix exchange.

Understanding the use case of Mithril coin and it’s availability.


Vitalik Buterin has invented the probably the second most innovative technology in the Blockchain era. The usage of smart contracts along with Decentralized Autonomous organizations that have come along with the inception of Ethereum has revolutionized the transaction facility where 2 or more parties requires usage of a third-party intermediary. The smart contract enables both the involved parties to establish trust between each other and also improves the efficiency of the process. The standard ERC 20 based protocol has proven to be highly useful for the developers and drives the cryptocurrency enthusiasts towards cryptocurrencies, and enable them to develop and implement them for various domains. Let us get the insights of Mithril Coin and where you ca trade it.


The Mithril coin

One such cryptocurrency coin based on the Ethereum based Protocol is the Mithril coin. The cryptocurrency Blockchain platform enables the writers to gain rewards in the form of Mithril coins for the impact that a particular writer’s content has on the social media, which is termed as the social mining in terms of the cryptocurrency project terms. The decentralization of the social media content would enable the users in order to value a content in a very fair manner. The Blockchain integration along with the social media content results in a very safe way of transacting rewards through the Blockchain network.


Use case of the Mithril coin

The Mithril Coin platform is eagerly looking forward to integrating with some of the most popular social media platforms of the today’s generation. A Mithril integration service has been initiated by the Mithril project members in order to facilitate the use of integration of the of transacting MITH tokens through various apps. As various domains within the cryptocurrency system are constantly developing, even the Mithril coins would make sure that they update themselves, regularly in order to meet the scalability and security requirements of people respectively.


Social mining for Mithril coins

The process of social mining is easily achieved by the users automatically as they develop and constantly interact with the contents on the social media platforms. The Mithril coin experts predict that there will be huge amounts of social mining as more and more number of users are expected to rise exponentially in future. As the whole network increases constantly, this leads to a high as well as the consistent development of the Blockchain network. However, the algorithm incorporated by the Mithril coin team members is complex but is available on the white paper along with a seamless explanation with an example.


Lit Application

Lit is one of the prominent ventures of the Mithril coin project. Although, currently being in its beta version, it enables various social media users to initiate the process of social mining with it. The intuitive application is predicted to be integrated with some of the most popular social media platforms which the users can effectively use, in order to monetize their content and earn some rewards for the time they spend on social media. The Mithril Coin project also supports the amazing photographic camera with various filters, in order to post some of the best photos and videos on the social media.


Buy Mithril coins at Blockonix

Coincidently, the Mithril coin is available to buy from the best decentralized Crypto exchange, Blockonix. Blockonix also supports more than a hundred Ethereum based cryptocurrency tokens which the uses can effectively use in order to trade them with a minimal transaction fee of 0.1%. Highest levels of security are provided to the funds of the users, as Blockonix incorporates decentralization within its operations with absolutely no direct human interaction in the process of trading or any other operation. Blockonix is completely dedicated for the development of the community as most of the funds collected in the form of transaction fees are not used for the personal use of the team members but is redirected towards the development of the network itself.



The network is highly appreciated by the masses, as it is easily available at Blockonix and also can be easily converted into the fiat money for the daily usage. However, the cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable but as decentralization is incorporated by Blockonix, unlike the centralized exchanges which have experienced a number of hacks resulting in huge amounts of fund losses.



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