What happens when almost everyone can’t afford 1 Bitcoin?

Bitcoin enthusiasts have predicted that the price of this cryptocurrency will go on to touch $50,000 in the next decade or so. The bitcoin community has been wondering what if the price of bitcoin becomes so high that it becomes almost impossible for the regular working-class people to buy even a fraction of a bitcoin. Would it be beneficial for the crypto world, or would it be a disaster? As of now buying one bitcoin is difficult for a guy with a regular job but not impossible.

If predictions come true and bitcoin goes on to touch the dream value of 6 figures. The new buyers would only be able to trade in micro-units of bitcoin. And the standard unit of bitcoin would be changed as well. The current focus of all reports and analysis is dependent on the value of one bitcoin. Some have suggested that when the value of bitcoin reaches sky-high, a new standard unit to measure bitcoin might become a DeciBits or a CentiBits. It is tough to predict what the future holds for bitcoin, but who can stop the bitcoin community to fantasize about these scenarios.