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What can you do with 1 Bitcoin?



what you can buy with 1 bitcoin

Everywhere you go, people have been talking more and more about Bitcoins and what they are doing with it. Anyone looking to invest in Bitcoins or looking to see the options at what to do with their Bitcoins has several questions. What does one do with them? Where can I really use them? Our usual hard currency can be used absolutely everywhere to buy almost everything meant to be sold. But, when it comes to spending Bitcoins and looking at what one can really do with them, people have always been on the lookout to explore options in this domain. Following are a few things that have the equivalent value to 1 Bitcoin and are curated for almost every type of person out there – a traveler, a practical investor, a foodie or a movie fanatic.


77400 hours on Netflix

Your 1 unit of Bitcoin is worth a grand. Always been a fan of sitcoms and movie marathons but have always faced problems because of your pricey Netflix subscriptions? But if you are the owner of even 1 Bitcoin, you need to worry anymore. If you are not looking for any practical investments and wish to splurge a little, Netflix is one of your options. Netflix’s premium service is valued at almost $11.99 per month. Making a few calculations, it is clear that you can use 1 Bitcoin to buy 8 years and 11 months of Netflix subscription. This accounts for movie marathons on the go. If you wish to buy such a heavy subscription of Netflix we consider it obvious that you would be watching movies and shows on it day in and day out. This accounts for almost 77400 hours of unlimited Netflix goodness. Go crazy!


Go flying around the world

If you are not the type to spend hours and hours watching seasons of shows or watching movie marathons, we bet you would absolutely love to travel. Just one Bitcoin can satisfy the traveler in you and give new meaning to your sense of wanderlust. In this case, you can use your 1 Bitcoin to buy a lot of flying mileage and go on a world travel tour and treat yourself. Take along your family or friends or your significant other and hike through European mountains or take a stroll through the lanes of Rome. This is one of the most popular options exploited by Bitcoin investors all over the world. There have been several reports of people making a small fortune of their Bitcoin investments, dumping their regular mundane 9 to 5 jobs, and going on a world tour surviving solely on their Bitcoins.


Buy Digital currencies

If you are the type to always make wise decisions money wise and wish to secure your Bitcoins investment wise this one is the best option for you. To be more practical, 1 Bitcoin can be used to buy 13 Ethereum (ETH), which is one of the most stable digital currencies in the digital currency market right now. Another steadily growing digital currency Litecoin (LTC), 57 LTC can be brought using 1 Bitcoin. Similarly, 38 Monero and 6.5 Bitcoin Cash can be bought using 1 Bitcoin.


Cheesy Pizzas for 10 years

Who does not love pizzas? Not loving them is almost as equal to sinning. And magically, one of the first places where people had started spending their Bitcoins was pizzerias. 1 Bitcoin has the power to buy you some real good quantity of pizzas. You can buy yourself a lot of pizzas using just 1 Bitcoin at several pizzerias around the world since many of them have started accepting Bitcoins as a legal method of payment.


An ounce of Gold

Bitcoin has been dubbed as the future gold. Just like people have been buying and hoarding gold in their houses since time eternity, economists and investors have been claiming that Bitcoins would have a very similar fate too. Accordingly, 1 Bitcoin actually does surpass the value of one ounce of gold and is thus more valuable than one ounce of gold. If you wish to keep your Bitcoin as a gold like commodity, you could go ahead with this option. Use your Bitcoin as a hedge. Although there is no physical equivalent commodity for Bitcoin, it is still making its place into gold’s niche as an investment.


Hoverboards anyone?

This option is to satisfy the child in you. Ever looked at those self balancing scooters and wished that you could own one too? Because they are just so cool and fun to sue? If you wish to go crazy and levitate yourself to work or your nearby grocery store to buy veggies, you can buy almost four hoverboards using only one Bitcoin. Buy them and use them to have a gala time moving around town using your brand new hoverboard.


Gift cards

Always been the one who is very lazy to buy presents for your loved ones? Always see yourself making last minute holiday gift purchases because you cannot decide what to gift someone? Ever tried gift cards? You can use one Bitcoin to buy attractive gift cards and give them as presents to your family and friends. This gives you a wide range of possibilities on where you can buy gift cards from since several stores and online shopping sites have started selling gift cards in exchange for Bitcoins.


One might think that using Bitcoins for purchases does not have several options but that must not deter you from investing in Bitcoins. The above given options are just a few of the many more wide range of options of what to do with your Bitcoins.

#Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC/USD Bulls Market Continues, 20 July.



Bitcoin price as of late broke past key opposition levels, however, is currently solidifying around the $7,400 level, could be viewed as a bullish banner.

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price as of late broke past key opposition levels, however, is currently solidifying around the $7,400 level.
  • This could be viewed as a bullish banner example, which takes after a solid rally and could be viewed as a continuation flag.
  • A break past the $7,600 level could be sufficient to affirm that the bullish run is continuing.

Bitcoin price seems, by all accounts, to be uniting inside a bullish banner example, which could be demonstrative of another run higher.

Specialized Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is over the more drawn out term 200 SMA to show that the easy way out is to the upside. As such, the rally will probably continue than to turn around. The pole of the banner traverses $6,700 to $7,400 so the subsequent surge could be of a similar stature.

Note that bitcoin price has surged past a transient rising channel best to goad a more extreme climb. The hole between the moving midpoints is additionally extending to flag strengthening the bullish force. Additionally, the 100 SMA is near the broken channel best to fill in as a layer of help in case of a retest. The 200 SMA is at the mid-channel region of intrigue, which may likewise keep misfortunes under control.

RSI is treading sideways on centre ground to reflect progressing solidification, scarcely giving any insights on which course bitcoin price may break out. Stochastic, nonetheless, is indicating down demonstrate that dealers have the high ground and could push for a plunge.


Market Factors

The state of mind in the digital money showcase has for the most part been sure as dealers have been hurrying in to join the ongoing energizes because of a paranoid fear of being forgotten. Numerous say that the push higher was impelled on reports of expanding institutional premium, as from reserves like BlackRock and banks like HSBC.

This has permitted to advertise members to see administrative improvements in a positive light, and it additionally helped that another BitLicense allowed to a crypto-based organization (BitPay) kept good faith in play.

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Bitcoin vs Dash: Comparing Bitcoin and Dash



Lets compare Bitcoin vs Dash. The amazingness of the cryptocurrencies doesn't seem to be tangible enough relative to its complexities. Lets compare Bitcoin vs Dash

Understanding some of the prominent benefits of Dash over Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is a very complicated cryptocurrency. Its mass adoption is not anything more than the fantasies of a dream, as the technology is too technical to be understood by the normal people. It is amazing, but not that simple to be effectively applied by the masses. Bitcoin scalability has always been a major point of concern and debate the community professionals, but doesn’t seem to be coming on any grounds regarding the matter. Also, the increase in the block size is been discussed for years together. The Crypto domain is to be a lot more ambiguous than it seems. It is no wonder that using the cryptos to transact is far more complex than using PayPal or Paytm. The amazingness of the cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem to be tangible enough relative to its complexities. Lets compare Bitcoin vs Dash.


Bitcoin vs Dash: Transactions

A long string of addresses feels quite unusual when one is extensively used to Fiat transfers. Currently, even the transaction fee has skyrocketed and if a particular transaction is not been attached with sufficient amount of transaction fees it might remain forever in the unconfirmed transaction pool itself. Hence even micropayments which were earlier possible seems to have been completely eradicated due to the high transaction fees.

On the other hand, the transactions on the Dash network is lightning fast when compared to Bitcoin. Dash even provides a special Insta send service which allows for a provision of getting the transactions confirmed quickly. Hence, people who aren’t patient enough to wait for hours together can opt for Dash. Due to the late confirmations price slippage might occur, which is another misery in itself.

Bitcoin vs Dash: Scalability issue

The dash community also strives to bring extensive cooperation between the stakeholders. This was clearly evident when the scalability issue daunted over Dash. The community members obviously had heated arguments as well as discussions but just within a span of 24 hours, they all decided to increase the block size. The problem which hasn’t been solved for years by the Bitcoin community and continues to persist even today. The problem was done in 1 day itself by the Dash community. The incident represents a strong oneness and reliability among them. This doesn’t mean that Dash is completely perfect but it’s ability to upgrade itself with time, is what matters, unlike Bitcoin.

There is also a PrivateSend feature available in the Dash network. By using this particular feature optional feature a user can completely hide his or her identity. As Dash is considered to be synonymous with Cash which has no digital footprint, this privacy feature undoubtedly adds to the convenience of the users.  


Bitcoin vs Dash: Community Funding and control

It is absolutely worth mentioning, where the funding comes from, for these organizations. As Bitcoin network is completely decentralized and hence a number of prominent cryptocurrency institutions have come forward in order to fund for the Bitcoin development and research. But there is a catch, with funding comes authority over the decisions, hence the institution which is funding the community the most, it is an unwritten rule that it has the most authority over the decision making.

Whereas this is not the case, for the Dash community as most of the funding is done by themselves only. 45% of the total Dash funds go to the miners, 45% is received by the master nodes of the network, and the remaining 10% is utilized for the for the development of the community. In this case, there are a number of prominent master nodes whose decisions are taken into account in order to reach a common conclusion.

Bitcoin vs Dash: Public address

Another feature of Dash is its public address. Here each and every public address is associated with a human-friendly name, similar to an email address rather than a string of random characters. The transactions are made simpler by giving names to the addresses so as to prevent the transactions to reach a wrong destination. Since, once the transactions are initiated they cannot be reverted back this feature is crucial, as it associates rememberable names to the address.


Although Bitcoin was the Pioneer in the cryptocurrency trend it undoubtedly cannot be considered as the best solution for the current financial practical scenario. The cryptocurrencies like Dash have been coming forward who have their own set of pros and cons. It all jots down, to the need for the day, where currently scalability is one of the major concern. Hence the cryptocurrency Dash seems to be more promising than Bitcoin.

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#Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC/USD Market Stable above $7300, 19 July.



Bitcoin price could be expected for a remedy from its most recent rally, and purchasers are holding up to participate at the region of intrigue.

Bitcoin Price Key Features

  • Bitcoin price as of late surged past a zone of intrigue and might be expected for a retest.
  • Utilizing the Fibonacci retracement instrument demonstrates where bulls may hold up to participate.
  • Specialized pointers are indicating at potential benefit taking and a continuation of the uptrend.

Bitcoin price could be expected for a remedy from its most recent rally, and purchasers are holding up to participate at the region of intrigue.

Specialized Markers Signs

The 100 SMA as of late made a bullish hybrid from the 200 SMA to demonstrate that the easiest course of action is to the upside. This proposes the uptrend will probably continue than to switch.

These moving midpoints are additionally near the new rising pattern line framing on the 4-hour graph. The Fibonacci retracement levels may likewise keep misfortunes under control and draw more bullish vitality. Specifically, the 61.8% retracement level is nearest to the rising pattern line support and zone of enthusiasm at $6,800.

For the present, RSI is showing overbought conditions or that purchasers are depleted from the ongoing ascension. This could open the case revenue driven taking and a plunge to the Lie levels. Stochastic has additionally come to the overbought locale and looks prepared to head down, carrying bitcoin price alongside it.

BTCUSD Price Chart 19 July

The notion in the cryptocurrency industry has been for the most part positive after the ongoing specialized breaks, which supposedly was impelled by rising institutional premium. A few, be that as it may, have rejected this as a short crush following the other week’s “dead-feline bob.” Others say the rally is being managed by FOMO among showcase members.

Notwithstanding, it likewise looks like financial specialists are regarding industry direction as an or more as opposed to considering this to be motivation to bounce out of their possessions. More reports on this subject or on acquisitions and speculations could keep bitcoin price above water and on track for a strong bounce back.

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