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What can you do with 1 Bitcoin?



what you can buy with 1 bitcoin

Everywhere you go, people have been talking more and more about Bitcoins and what they are doing with it. Anyone looking to invest in Bitcoins or looking to see the options at what to do with their Bitcoins has several questions. What does one do with them? Where can I really use them? Our usual hard currency can be used absolutely everywhere to buy almost everything meant to be sold. But, when it comes to spending Bitcoins and looking at what one can really do with them, people have always been on the lookout to explore options in this domain. Following are a few things that have the equivalent value to 1 Bitcoin and are curated for almost every type of person out there – a traveler, a practical investor, a foodie or a movie fanatic.


77400 hours on Netflix

Your 1 unit of Bitcoin is worth a grand. Always been a fan of sitcoms and movie marathons but have always faced problems because of your pricey Netflix subscriptions? But if you are the owner of even 1 Bitcoin, you need to worry anymore. If you are not looking for any practical investments and wish to splurge a little, Netflix is one of your options. Netflix’s premium service is valued at almost $11.99 per month. Making a few calculations, it is clear that you can use 1 Bitcoin to buy 8 years and 11 months of Netflix subscription. This accounts for movie marathons on the go. If you wish to buy such a heavy subscription of Netflix we consider it obvious that you would be watching movies and shows on it day in and day out. This accounts for almost 77400 hours of unlimited Netflix goodness. Go crazy!


Go flying around the world

If you are not the type to spend hours and hours watching seasons of shows or watching movie marathons, we bet you would absolutely love to travel. Just one Bitcoin can satisfy the traveler in you and give new meaning to your sense of wanderlust. In this case, you can use your 1 Bitcoin to buy a lot of flying mileage and go on a world travel tour and treat yourself. Take along your family or friends or your significant other and hike through European mountains or take a stroll through the lanes of Rome. This is one of the most popular options exploited by Bitcoin investors all over the world. There have been several reports of people making a small fortune of their Bitcoin investments, dumping their regular mundane 9 to 5 jobs, and going on a world tour surviving solely on their Bitcoins.


Buy Digital currencies

If you are the type to always make wise decisions money wise and wish to secure your Bitcoins investment wise this one is the best option for you. To be more practical, 1 Bitcoin can be used to buy 13 Ethereum (ETH), which is one of the most stable digital currencies in the digital currency market right now. Another steadily growing digital currency Litecoin (LTC), 57 LTC can be brought using 1 Bitcoin. Similarly, 38 Monero and 6.5 Bitcoin Cash can be bought using 1 Bitcoin.


Cheesy Pizzas for 10 years

Who does not love pizzas? Not loving them is almost as equal to sinning. And magically, one of the first places where people had started spending their Bitcoins was pizzerias. 1 Bitcoin has the power to buy you some real good quantity of pizzas. You can buy yourself a lot of pizzas using just 1 Bitcoin at several pizzerias around the world since many of them have started accepting Bitcoins as a legal method of payment.


An ounce of Gold

Bitcoin has been dubbed as the future gold. Just like people have been buying and hoarding gold in their houses since time eternity, economists and investors have been claiming that Bitcoins would have a very similar fate too. Accordingly, 1 Bitcoin actually does surpass the value of one ounce of gold and is thus more valuable than one ounce of gold. If you wish to keep your Bitcoin as a gold like commodity, you could go ahead with this option. Use your Bitcoin as a hedge. Although there is no physical equivalent commodity for Bitcoin, it is still making its place into gold’s niche as an investment.


Hoverboards anyone?

This option is to satisfy the child in you. Ever looked at those self balancing scooters and wished that you could own one too? Because they are just so cool and fun to sue? If you wish to go crazy and levitate yourself to work or your nearby grocery store to buy veggies, you can buy almost four hoverboards using only one Bitcoin. Buy them and use them to have a gala time moving around town using your brand new hoverboard.


Gift cards

Always been the one who is very lazy to buy presents for your loved ones? Always see yourself making last minute holiday gift purchases because you cannot decide what to gift someone? Ever tried gift cards? You can use one Bitcoin to buy attractive gift cards and give them as presents to your family and friends. This gives you a wide range of possibilities on where you can buy gift cards from since several stores and online shopping sites have started selling gift cards in exchange for Bitcoins.


One might think that using Bitcoins for purchases does not have several options but that must not deter you from investing in Bitcoins. The above given options are just a few of the many more wide range of options of what to do with your Bitcoins.


Tether and Bitfinex might be in a big trouble soon



US Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are setting up an inquiry on the role of Tether in the price manipulation of Bitcoin.

The US Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are setting up an inquiry on Tether’s role in the price manipulation of Bitcoin during the massive growth of the cryptocurrency last year.

Earlier this year, the department of justice was initiating a criminal probe in the role of traders for price manipulation of Bitcoin in 2017 end when it reached an all-time high of $20000. Now the department is suspicious of the involvement of Tether and Bitfinex Exchange in the same matter. The department believes that the price of bitcoin was forcefully pushed up with the help of Tether Stablecoin.


The Investigation

The department is currently carrying out an investigation to determine whether Bitfinex along with Tether practiced illicit trading activities to increase the price of bitcoin. Earlier the US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission was also investigating the activities of both Bitfinex and Tether and now both the departments will together investigate into both the cryptocurrency companies. The officials have not disclosed yet whether the investigation is only on the companies or on the company executives as well.

Earlier this year, a professor of Texas University examined the involvement of Tether for manipulating the price of bitcoin by using trading algorithms to increase the prices. The research disclosed that Bitfinex Exchange uses Tether Stablecoin to buy bitcoin when the price is low using algorithms.


Tether Defends

Tether, however, defended themselves by calling all the statements as false. Tether explained that the there is a limited supply of the USDT tokens and that every USDT is backed by 1$ which is kept by the company in their bank account.

What do you think about the above statements in relation to Tether and Bitfinex? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Tom Lee: Bitcoin will hit $15000 within next month



Tom Lee the founder who earlier predicted bitcoin to hit $25000 this year still predicts that bitcoin will surely hit $15000 by the end of this year.

Amidst the cryptocurrency market crash, Tom Lee the founder and CEO of Fundstrat who earlier predicted bitcoin to hit $25000 this year still predicts that bitcoin will surely hit $15000 by the end of this year. Tom Lee stated his bullish prediction in an interview with CNBC.


Tom Lee’s Bitcoin Predictions

At the beginning of 2018, when cryptocurrency prices started to fall Tom Lee predicted that bitcoin will hit $25000 by 2018 end. In July this year, Lee restated his prediction to $22000 and again in August this year, he predicted the same $25000 price.

In the interview, Tom Lee remains very confident about his statement about bitcoin reaching to at least $15000 this year. According to Lee, a regulatory clarification would surely increase the price of bitcoin this year. He said that cryptocurrencies with grow as the world will start adopting digital technology.


BTCUSD 1 day chart

BTCUSD 1 day chart


The price of Bitcoin is currently making improvements and trading at $4674 according to CoinGecko. Bitcoin fell up to $4300 in the last 24 hours. Will Tom Lee’s prediction proves to be true and will bitcoin hit a $15000 mark this year end? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Big Whale Alert! 999992 TUSD just transferred to Binance



Just a few minutes back, one of the big whales just transferred 999,992 TUSD worth $1,023,030 to binance account from bittrex.

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing huge losses from the past few days with all major cryptocurrencies dropping over 10% and bitcoin dropping down from $6400 to $4400 in just a matter of days. In such a situation where most traders and investors are panic selling, big whales are waiting just for the right moment to buy. Technical analyst predicts that the price of bitcoin is expected to see a correction in the upcoming days which would eventually lead to the correction in the prices of other altcoins as well. Just a few minutes back, one of the big whales just transferred 999,992 TUSD worth $1,023,030 to binance account from bittrex. The transaction hash of the TUSD transfer is:

In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing huge trading volumes which predict that many traders and investors bought the coins at the current price which is a yearly low for most of the cryptocurrencies.


Don’t Panic!

A good trader should always think counterintuitively, that’s how winning is done. Warren Buffet the famous wall street trader has said: “be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful”.

The current market conditions are going to make a lot of people seriously rich. So be patient, be careful and look out for opportunities. The market is a buyer’s delight right now and a sellers nightmare.

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