Whale Alert: More than $14 Million PAX transferred to exchange for buying

The cryptocurrency market is facing the worst days of the year with no clarity as to which direction will the market head towards. Some cryptocurrency analysts are predicting bitcoin to reach $2500 this year and others predict that the market is going to rise massively at the ending days of the month. As of today, bitcoin has started a downfall with the price trading at a high of around $4360 at the start of the day to around $3866 right now (At the time of publishing) according to CoinGecko Charts.


However, there are always the clever whales waiting out there for the right moment to buy while the whole market is panic selling. In the last 24 hours, large transactions of more than $14 Million of PAX (Stablecoin) were made into Binance and Okex probably for buying crypto such as BTC, ETH, LTC when the market is panic selling which is happening right now. Here are the details of the transactions which were made for the transfer of big amounts of stablecoin:

Transaction 1: 908,721 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 2: 2,500,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 3: 500,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 4: 500,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 5: 500,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 6: 500,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 7: 500,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 8: 2,000,000 PAX transferred to Okex



Transaction 9: 4,990,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 10: 900,000 PAX transferred to Binance



Transaction 11: 500,000 PAX transferred to Binance




Beware of the whales! Have safe trading.


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