Walt Disney’s DragonChain releases its Blockchain Platform

Dragonchain, a Walt Disney company, disclosed their blockchain platform under an open-source permit. The license will additionally concede Dragonchain to present blockchain as a service for enterprises and developers seeking to formulate their applications based on blockchain tech.

Joe Roets, Founder, and CEO of Dragonchain, remarked, “Releasing the source code to the public was always part of our plan. With this release, we believe the potential impact can be maximized by the blockchain community, offering opportunities for developers and driving more real use cases in the blockchain space.”

The great source will provide the enterprises and developers with admittance to blockchain innovations in addition to the resources to continue innovating with the company. Dragonchain’s composite public/private blockchain clarifications enable accessible business with a high rate of performance. The company considers the step to be a spin to the global adoption and understanding of blockchain.

The interchain technology, another program registered to the company, allows concurrence with other blockchains like the private ethereum network and grants the choice of revealing decided data on public blockchain platforms.

Dean Shelton, director of engineering at Dragonchain, commented, “As a developer, I understand the importance and value of an open-source project. We are excited about this big step and can’t wait to let people see how easy and fast they can build powerful blockchain solutions on Dragonchain.”

Saloni Sheelwant
Saloni Sheelwant treasures to research and write about the new startups and technologies thriving at a very fast pace.

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