Vitalik Buterin is quitting Ethereum: Get ready for an ETH crisis

Ethereum Price Downfall

From as high as $1347 in January 2018 to $187 in September 2018, Ethereum price could reach $53 soon.

The Ethereum network has been falling, as many heated discussions are being carried on in the name of development. The separation of Ethereum Classic from Ethereum was one of the major incidents which broke the backbone of the network.


The current price of the Ether is $225.24. Let's understand the background details of the price, since December 2017. Price history of Ethereum


Various inabilities of Ethereum

As the Ethereum network is slow, the decentralized applications which need faster transactional capabilities, would opt for the EOS blockchain platform and also the existing decentralized applications would quickly switch to EOS. Even the number of hacks and frauds have been increasing, in the Ethereum community. Most recently, a fake Instagram account of Vitalik Buterin, illicitly scammed few of its followers to send 37 ETH. Effective decentralization is unachievable, as Ethereum is inherently a Centralised one.


Do we have any value proposition for Ether?

As previously discussed that there is no requirement of ETH for Ethereum. The users and investors seem to be dropping down the usage of Ethereum these days, as better alternatives have been provided. The EOS is one of the best competitors for Ethereum,


The Captain (Vitalik Buterin) is leaving the Ship (Ethereum)


The discussion began as a component of an online argument in which individuals wound up blaming Vitalik Buterin for pumping Ethereum. He asserted that the Ethereum system could do well on itself and that it would have a future regardless of whether he was not able to keep on adding to it.

As you may know, Vitalik Buterin has a considerable amount of Ethereum. He was blamed for “pumping” his ETH property, which was to a great extent pre-mined and when inquired as to whether he was intending to take a secondary lounge later on of the benefit, he answered this was at that point in advancement and that the system would necessarily do well without him.


Vitalik Buterin says Ethereum Sucks

Responding to the article from Techncrunch that said “The collapse of ETH is inevitable”, Vitalik agreed on his post on Reddit on aspects of this article.

Vitalik even said that the days of Cryptocurrency markets (in short Ethereum) are now history.


Ethereum price declined as of late against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH/USD may maybe keep on declining towards the $180 level in the close term.


Buy ETH at $53

What we suggest is buy ETH at the range of $45 – $55, when it tests its $53 level.



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