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Vitalik Buterin Has Donated 99 Ethereum Towards Earthquake Relief Efforts in Turkey

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria on February 6 brought the total number of fatalities to 33 thousand. The earthquake has been ranked as one of the most devastating to have occurred anywhere in the world in recent decades.

Photo by Nadiia Ganzhyi / Unsplash

Following the devastating earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria a week ago, prominent Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has given money to relief efforts on two separate occasions.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that stuck on February 6 brought the total fatalities to 33 thousand. The earthquake has been ranked as one of the most devastating to have occurred anywhere in the world in recent decades.

Buterin has been quite kind in the previous week, contributing a significant amount of Ethereum to the relief work.

Anka Relief received his most recent contribution, which he sent on February 12, about $77,000 (50 ETH).

The group expressed gratitude to the Ethereum co-founder for his contributions to charitable causes. It disclosed that crypto currency donations had been provided to them from the beginning of its operations.

According to a statement, numerous large non-governmental organizations (NGOs) took cash donations from a variety of people all around the world in their wallets. Anka has included a list of crypto currency wallets that may be designated to receive donations.

In addition, the Web3 relief support group has taken the helm of the Ukraine DAO initiative to solicit crypto currency donations to provide aid and assistance in the beleaguered nation.

After Vitalik's most recent contribution, the crypto currency billionaire has given a total of ninety-nine ETH to help the victims' families and others who have lost loved ones due to the attack.

On February 11, a non-governmental and nonprofit group in Turkey called Ahbap received about $150,000 worth of Ethereum from the vitalik.eth address. Ahbap is devoted to humanitarian efforts in Turkey.

Crypto World Supporting Relief Efforts

Till now, the nonprofit organization has successfully collected crypto contributions totaling $4.3 million, with stablecoins serving as the most popular token choice.

The current balance of the Ahbap wallet is 409 ETH, equivalent to $622,000. The Financial Times in London reported one week ago that relief organizations were receiving cryptocurrency donations worldwide.

More than 10 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been pledged by several companies, with Binance contributing the entire $5 million donation to fund relief efforts in Turkey.

Additionally, Binance has decided to distribute $100 worth of BNB as airdrops to users in the locations that have been hit the worst. On February 7, exactly one day after the devastating earthquake, members of the Web3 community were spotted collaborating in arranging and giving cryptocurrency donations to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

However, this is not the first time that cryptocurrency community members have taken the initiative to raise money for earthquake relief.

After the catastrophic earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, several assistance groups received donations in the form of bitcoin.

Bitci, a local cryptocurrency exchange in Turkey, has sent a relief truck to the earthquake's epicenter while simultaneously announcing that the entirety of its earnings for February would be contributed to Ahbap in the name of the earthquake centered in Kahramanmaraş.

In addition, BtcTurk stated that it had not only given a monetary donation of 6 million liras to Ahbap and Akut but also provided clothing help to the region for 1.2 million liras in collaboration with the regional administration.