Vitalik Buterin Calls Bitcoin SV a Complete Scam

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder is not too happy with Bitcoin SV, the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and the much-loved virtual asset by Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who claims Bitcoin SV is Satoshi’s Vision. In an interview with YouTuber Hardcore Crypto, Buterin outrightly stated that Bitcoin SV is a complete scam, which leaves very little to the imagination.

Asides from hammering on the virtual asset, the 25-year-old also spoke about Binance, a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange. He said Binance’s delisting of Bitcoin SV was interesting and there’s an argument in favor of the exchange’s action. However, there is also an argument that Binance is a centralized exchange because it is wielding a lot of power.

In the case of the latter, Buterin hinted on the huge listing fees usually demanded by Binance and its manipulations to determine which project is finally listed. In his own words: “They influence which coins win and lose by deciding which trading pairs they have – so it’s weird to criticize that one decision (the delisting) without looking at all their others.”

Buterin’s recent comments regarding Bitcoin SV is not the first of its kind because on December 25, 2018, a month after the creation of Bitcoin SV, the co-founder stated that BSV is a pure dumpster of fire.” On December 6, 2018, Buterin also questioned Bitcoin SV’s 128 MB block sizes since they are one of the largest out there and emptiest. According to Buterin, at the time, “128MB blocks are an insanely stupid idea.”


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