Virgil Griffith’s co-worker offers to testify in US Court.

The arrest of Ethereum Founder's member Virgil Griffith has shaken the crypto community. FBI arrested Griffith for allegedly helping North Korea to evade US sanctions. One of Griffith's friends has offered to testify in the US court.

The FBI arrested well-known cryptocurrency expert Virgil Griffith on the charges of helping North Korea help evade US sanctions using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Fabio Peitrosanti, an Italian entrepreneur, Griffith’s friend, has come forward to offer his testimony to prove Griffith innocent.


Peitrosanti went to North Korea with Griffith.

Peitrosanti tweeted that he went to North Korea with Virgil Griffith and is currently looking to get in touch with Griffith’s family and lawyer. He further claimed that in the Affidavit, a lot of sentences were misused and misinterpreted for the arrest warrant. He is willing to provide his testimony to prove Griffith’s good faith.


Crypto community comes in support of Griffith.

As reported earlier, the crypto community has shown outrage over the arrest of Virgil Griffith. John McAfee tweeted that “See what our Government has become – a government corrupt at the core, declaring publicly available information a national secret.” The CEO of Shapeshif and bitcoin advocate, Erik Voorhees, tweeted that “Teaching about blockchain technology is illegal now in the Land of the Free.”

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