US Senate proposes blockchain voting amid the coronavirus lockdown

The United States Senate has proposed blockchain voting during the coronavirus lockdown. Several other countries are also utilizing the technology in various fields amid the lockdown.

The blockchain technology has proved its importance in the last few months as governments all over the world are utilizing this technology for various purposes amid the lockdown. The US Senate has proposed blockchain voting during the lockdown. A new proposed bill is seeking a blockchain-based distribution of medical equipment. A recent Senate memo showed how the government changed its stance towards the blockchain technology, with security being one of the main factors.

Blockchain could be used for Senate operations and remote voting amid the lockdown. 

The recent memo was drafted for a roundtable meant to discuss the continuity of Senate operations and remote voting in the midst of coronavirus pandemic. The Senate memo notes that the COVID-19 crisis has forced the US Congress to rethink its operations as in-person meetings have become restricted. As per the notice, any solution that will be explored will have to focus on two aspects, authentication and encryption. The blockchain technology offers both these benefits and would be most suitable for the Senate. 


Senate still has reservations regarding the blockchain’s use. 

Despite all the benefits that the technology provides, the US senate still has reservations regarding the use of blockchain technology. The main concern of the Senate is that the network could fall into the wrong hands. As the Senate is a small entity, any blockchain network that would be used must eliminate the threat of a 51% attack. The Senate further expressed security concerns over remote blockchain voting that included possible vulnerabilities from cryptographic flaws and software bugs. Because of the current situation, using blockchain technology in the coming US election is being considered, but the possibility of that happening is nill. 

Stephen Lynch, the Congressman for Massachusetts, US, presented a bill that proposes the use of the blockchain technology in overseeing the distribution. If passed, the proposed would lead to the creation of the National Emergency Biodefence Network, which will be built using blockchain technology.

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