US SEC is seeking to re-open the case against Ponzi fraudster Renwick Haddow.

The US SEC is seeking to re-open the case against one of the most infamous crypto scammer Renwick Haddow. Earlier, New York Southern District Court had closed the case

The infamous bitcoin scammer Renwick Haddow, who had duped hundreds of investors for millions of dollars, was extradited from Morocco to the United States. The crypto scammer was also behind US-based hot-desking business known as Bar Works, in which he duped several UAE investors.


SEC is seeking to re-open the case.

The US Securities Exchange Commission is seeking to re-open the case against the serial crypto scammer, Renwick Haddow, as the exchange claims that there are still matters to be solved. The SEC has complained that the court has yet to resolve the issue of monetary penalties. SEC had earlier filed a letter to seek $1.5 million in disgorgement from co-conspirator of crypto scammer Renwick Haddow.


Renwick Haddow was imprisoned for two years.

The US court had prohibited Haddow from using any national securities exchange, as well as any instrumentality of interstate commerce. Earlier, he pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He had also admitted his involvement in schemes regarding Bar Works and Bitcoin Store Inc. Haddow conned $37 million from investors between 2015-17. According to a 2015 World Policy report, Haddow’s “Capital Organization” scam company duped investors of $180 million.

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