Pro crypto US Presidential candidate Andrew Yang ends his 2020 campaign

Pro crypto US Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang has decided to end his campaign after disappointing results in New Hampshire primaries. Andrew Yang had called for more transparent regulations around cryptocurrencies.

The Democrat candidate Andrew Yang has officially ended his 2020 campaign. Despite no political experience, his campaign outlasted campaigns of several senators and governors. However, Mr. Yang has promised to come back. 


Andrew Yang’s campaign has left a strong mark.

Andrew Yang speaking in New Hampshire today, said that he is suspending his campaign as he knows that numbers are not in his favor, and he did not want to take donations for a losing cause. Andrew Yang further noted that it was not an easy decision to pull out from the presidential race, but he believes his campaign has left a strong mark. He had also promised to give every adult US citizen thousand dollars a month under Universal Basic Income. He was the only candidate who had a firm stance on cryptocurrency regulations.


Yang was the only candidate to accept donations in cryptocurrency.

The Democrat candidate Andrew Yang was the only presidential candidate who had accepted bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in donations. Yang said that the end of his campaign is the beginning of something big, and “YangGang” has shifted the fundamental direction of this country and has transformed the politics. He further said Donald Trump is not the cause of all the problems, but he is a symptom of a disease that has been building in the community for a long time. 

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