US dollar loses 99.999% of its value against Bitcoin

The bitcoin community is celebrating the fact that the value of one dollar is now equal to 0.000085 BTC. As the value of Bitcoin sees a hike, inversely it is making dollar’s value drop. In the last 7-8 years, bitcoin has seen a growth of 170,000%, which has caused the United States dollar to lose nearly 99.9999 percent of its value against BTC.

Many industry experts have predicted that bitcoin will see a massive hike in its price in the coming years. CEO, Brendon Blumer, believes that in the next two decades, bitcoin will replace gold as a leading commodity to store value. In the initial years, one BTC was worth less than a dollar, in just one decade the situation has reversed now a dollar is worth 0.000085 BTC which tells the story of how bitcoin has grown.

The bitcoin community has also predicted that the value of this coin will go on touch six figures in the coming decades. Currently, there are 18 million bitcoins in circulation, and only 3 million are to be mined. With the current market cap of $125 billion has shown a lot of potential in the initial decade.

Jai Pratap
Jai Pratap
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