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Update Issued by for Its NFT Domains as Web3 Domains Minting Goes Live intends to improve user accessibility, user experience, and engagement with the launch of the new Quik API, which is geared toward linking all planned services with a seamless speed and flow, as well as various decentralized benefits for NFT domain owners. is a P2P NFT domain marketplace that offers NFT top-level domains running on the blockchain-based ERC-721, ERC-1155, and BEP-721, BEP-1155 protocols. In a recent press release, the official support staff for detailed the upcoming October 2022 update, as well as the ones scheduled for next week and the next month. The much-anticipated big upgrade to is now accessible to users, offering them brand-new features such as the edit function and the Quik API, with much more to come in the coming weeks and months.

What does the latest update include? (1) has now introduced a new "edit function" that enables NFT domain owners to amend their NFT domain with owner-specific information, including address data, URLs, text records, and cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Users could identify and grasp NFT domain owners and how they have utilized their NFT domain to enhance connection and networking. In addition, now supports six blockchains, including ETH, BTC, DOGE, BNB, SOL, and LTC (2).

The upgrade intends to improve the user experience with supported cryptocurrencies by introducing additional avenues for user growth, connection, and engagement. The most anticipated upgrade among Quik users was the new "Quik API," which combines all features and provides a connected, user-focused, and enhanced experience for users with front-end API tools and API documentation and would be available to the public the following week.

In addition to a "template builder" that simplifies website construction for Quik users, the business is releasing a "chrome plugin" to integrate user-friendly accessibility solutions and link online apps. Using the new template builder, users will have access to pre-loaded tools for hosting decentralized Web 3.0 websites and developing them artistically and imaginatively. collaborated with several web development firms and developers to deliver important premium services for Quik customers, demonstrating the update's potential and the rate at which it enhanced the Web3 domain names (3) market.

What's an NFT Domain?

An NFT domain is a decentralized domain with extensions such as.web3, .metaverse, and. VR is accessible as a smart contract on a public blockchain. NFT domains may be saved in a cryptocurrency wallet and used to host decentralized websites, modify crypto-wallet addresses, connect digital assets, and be held as assets.

NFT domains are the future domains since no one, not even the NFT domain marketplace, can interfere with an NFT domain or its use case after it has been created. The person who mints the NFT domain is solely responsible for its ownership, control, and administration.

The user is not required to pay a monthly or annual subscription cost when registering an NFT domain. The NFT domain owner receives a 5–10% royalty on all subsequent sales of the NFT domain as an extra advantage. On Quik, you can buy NFT domains.

What are NFT domains used for?

The two most common uses of NFT domains are hosting decentralized websites and transforming non-human readable random algorithmic crypto wallet addresses into human-friendly NFT domain names with customizable extensions.'s most recent update focuses on enhancing the user experience while facilitating the linking of NFT domains to various crypto wallets.

Many cryptocurrencies are now supported, allowing to focus on enhancing the user experience and introducing multiple avenues for linking NFT domains to various crypto wallets. In addition to hosting decentralized websites with integrated design and user engagement capabilities, the platform can also host websites without a central server.

Why you should use's NFT domains:

Once minted, the owner has full power, rights, and management of the NFT domain without centralized or third-party interference. NFT domains, such as my property. Metaverse may be used to host decentralized websites and link and host metaverse properties on web3.0.'s P2P NFT domain marketplace solutions allow users to purchase, sell, swap, and trade domains and communicate, engage, and negotiate on its platform. NFT domain owners are solely responsible for the domain's administration and usage. If the owner decides to sell the NFT domain, will pay the owner a 5–10% royalty on each subsequent sale of the NFT domain. Users may use the NFT domain to replace non-human random crypto wallet algorithms with human-readable and configurable wallet addresses.

How do you create an NFT domain on

Minting is the process of registering ownership of an NFT domain, which needs a cryptocurrency wallet, authentication of credentials, and money. The processes required to mint an NFT domain on are as follows:

Step 1: Perform a web search for, which will lead the visitor to the homepage of

Step 2: Before proceeding, log in or register with the ecosystem and link your MetaMask wallet with validated credentials.

Step 3: Once signed in, click the search bar and enter the domain's "name" to mint. Once written, clicking search or pressing enter will provide a list of how the selected name will work with NFT domain extensions offered by, such as mywallet.BTC, mywallet. Metaverse, etc.

Or you could,

(a): On the homepage's navigation bar, click the NFT domain. It will display a list of NFT domains accessible inside the ecosystem and let the user choose the appropriate NFT domain extension for minting. metaverse,.web3,.vr, etc.

(b): After determining the NFT domain extension, click on the displayed NFT domain names and extensions, such as mywallet. .Metaverse (4)

(c): You will be sent to a website with a prominent mint button after clicking the link. The mint website will assist you through the payment processing procedure.

(d): Before finalizing the payment and securing the NFT domain, verify that the needed coin has been added to the wallet.

(e): Once payment is verified, the NFT domain is added to the wallet, severing its relationship with and making the NFT domain owner its sole owner and controller.

As Web 3.0 expands and offers new routes for developers to explore in the decentralized environment, NFT domains emerge as the fundamental mechanism for linking users to fast-emerging decentralized technology and enabling their participation. The benefits of possessing NFT domains are numerous and continue to increase.

What does's Future entail? intends to improve user accessibility, user experience, and engagement with the launch of the new Quik API, which is geared toward linking all planned services with a seamless speed and flow, as well as various decentralized benefits for NFT domain owners.'s NFT domains enable users with all the possibilities for exploring decentralized spaces and their features, from expanding their reach by altering their crypto wallet addresses to hosting their decentralized websites. By reducing the complexity of non-human readable algorithms and decentralized features, the new edition of focuses on making things more user-friendly, accessible, and straightforward for a better understanding of NFT domains.

Frequently, users become puzzled by the notion of decentralization and stop studying the function. Even industry titans are unfamiliar with this decentralized notion. aspires to connect and leap aboard decentralized technology and Web 3.0 in their infancy, exploring new avenues for creative discovery alongside technological titans. Before the decentralized web 3.0, it wasn't easy to compete with tech giants on the centralized web 2.0. However, allows users to begin their decentralized adventure and spread their wings.

Crypto wallet addresses will soon replace traditional wallets, and using NFT domains will further simplify things for exchanges by replacing random algorithms with straightforward, human-readable crypto wallet addresses. serves as a portal for all. The P2P marketplace now offers a customizable experience where users can customize their crypto wallet addresses and decentralized websites for enhancing and showcasing their creativity with openness, fearlessness, and without third-party intervention over the content.