Unido’s Enterprise Platform Continues Streak of Partnerships and Investments

Recent announcements by Tesla and Mastercard continue to prove blockchain’s expanding place in finance. As institutional investors, asset managers, and large corporations join in, some are quick to point out many of the current issues that serve as roadblocks to its adoption. These are, mainly, security, custody, and interoperability.

Unido is an enterprise platform that seeks to give these important newcomers peace of mind in that regard. The platform consists of a custody service with patent-pending security algorithms and a central dashboard that integrates with other blockchain applications. Here, users can perform any kind of administrative task through a business banking platform as well as receive yields on idle capital thanks to the service’s DeFi Vault. Unido is also built on the Polkadot network to solve other latent issues such as scalability.

Such is the importance of this kind of solution that Unido has been garnering the attention of many blockchain-specific investment funds. The development team behind the platform recently announced a whole series of strategic partnerships and investments. These are sure to help Unido fulfill its goal of serving as the go-to, all-in-one tool for enterprises, asset managers, and investors who are joining the crypto asset space.


Moonwhale Ventures

The Singapore-based blockchain venture capital firm is known for its selective investments. It sees Unido’s value as an enterprise platform as something that will hold up beyond the speculation in the current crypto market bull run.

Moonwhale Founder Danny Christ shared his thoughts on the investment. “Centralized Finance (CeFi), a.k.a. traditional markets, onto DeFi is still an open question on facilitation, compliance, usability and security. Moonwhale Ventures is helping ‘real-world’ businesses and institutions to go ‘on-chain’, hence sees Unido as the most prominent solution to execute this wide demand.”


Master Ventures

The Hong Kong venture studio is dedicated to investing in promising blockchain through its Crypto Exchange Alliance, House of DAO, and PAID Network divisions. It believes Unido’s solutions are sure to attract investors as well as crypto-native companies for their convenience as well as the easy exposure to the DeFi space.

Founder Kyle Chasse shared the studio’s outlook on Unido.

Unido is a unique platform that will not only drive further innovations in blockchain but also help other enterprises embrace blockchain technology, including defi. The future inflow of enterprises into blockchain is pretty clear, especially recently with the announcements from key corporations. Unido anticipated this move, and have built their platform to serve this niche.”



The Sydney-based investor and marketing company is founded by former Goldman Sachs Vice President in business selection Michael Swan. It specializes in bringing bulge-bracket level financial and technical analysis to early-stage blockchain startups to help with marketing and industry connections.

Swan commented on the firm’s ongoing relationship with Unido.

“Tokenomik was an early stage equity investor in Unido’s developer, PAC Blockchain, so it has had inside visibility on the development of Unido for the last 18 months. From a professional investor perspective, asset managers and fund managers require governance arrangements around their FUM. There is currently no easy-to-use, but also decentralized custody offering for these FUM. Unido fills this void.”



The San Francisco-based network is a Delegated Proof of Stake that aims at solving current scalability issues in popular blockchains. It has resorted to Unido’s whitelabel solution for enterprise wallets and the Unido Core API as a key integrations for their platform’s growing developer community.

Both teams spoke about the partnership. 

“LGCY and UNIDO are excited to announce that both platforms will be working together to deliver the security of the Unido EP multi sig platform to LGCY enterprise clients users. The integration of the LGCY blockchain into the Unido platform will be completed as LGCY approaches mainnet launch”


AU21 Capital

The prestigious Bay Area crypto investment firm has made successful bets on projects such as Binance, Polkadot, and Synthetix. The team, led by Bitcoin veterans and Huobi executives, understands Unido’s potential to meet the needs that incoming investors and asset managers have for better decentralized tools. 

AU21 Capital Principal Min Kim shared their views.

We are excited to work with Unido as they revolutionize digital asset management. Unido’s industry-encompassing suite of products uniquely positions them as a full-service financial services provider, and their utilization of Unido Core technology assuages many of the security and regulatory concerns currently slowing enterprise crypto adoption.”


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