UNICEF starts accepting donations in crypto

The United Nations Children's Fund has announced the formation of a crypto fund. Initially, UNICEF will accept donations in bitcoin and Ethereum. Funds received will be invested in the blockchain project that favors UNICEF's cause. The project received its first donation from the Ethereum Foundation of 1 BTC and 10,000 Ether.

UNICEF announced to form a crypto fund to accept donations in cryptocurrencies. Funds received in cryptocurrencies will not be exchanged into any fiat currencies. Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director, said that if digital currencies and economies have the potential to shape the lives of the coming generations, it is essential to explore the opportunities that they offer. She added that this is a new and exciting venture for UNICEF.

Ethereum Foundation made the first donation of 1 BTC and 10,000 Ether that would benefit other UNICEF innovative projects, one of which includes connecting schools across the world to the internet. UNICEF national committees of the USA, Australia, and New Zealand also accept donations in cryptocurrencies.

The launch of the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund is part of UNICEF’s ongoing work with blockchain technology. Henrietta Fore said that the creation of the cryptocurrency fund is a significant step towards humanitarian and development work.

Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, said that they are excited to demonstrate the power of what Etherum and blockchain technology can do for communities around the world. She further added that the Ethereum Foundation aims to support the research and development of the Etherum platform and to grow the community of those who benefit from it.

Ryan Asher
Ryan Asher
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