Tyler Winklevoss, a True Believer of Bitcoin

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According to Tyler Winklevoss, a Bitcoin Billionaire and co-founder of Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, if you believe in Bitcoin, then it will only appreciate in value. Tyler also opines that Facebook’s entrance into the cryptocurrency market is a huge validation for it, reports a media outlet on June 23, 2019.


Tyler Winklevoss Comments on the Book: Bitcoin Billionaire

Per the report, Tyler Winklevoss was asked if Bitcoin Billionaire, a book written by Ben Mezrich about he and his Twin, Cameroon Winklevoss should be sold for Bitcoin. As a response, Tyler said maybe the book should not be sold for Bitcoin “because if you believe in bitcoin, it is going to only appreciate in value.”

In the same vein, Tyler’s opinion was sought for the intended launch of Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures and Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision on a Bitcoin Exchange-traded Fund (ETF).

According to Tyler:

“I think that people, traders, investors and consumers will ultimately want to see the same opportunities to express opinions through financial instruments in bitcoin as they see in gold…I think you’d expect to see what exists in gold but also much more in crypto.”


Tyler Winklevoss Comments About Facebook’s Entrance into the Crypto Space

The Bitcoin billionaire when asked what he thinks about Facebook’s entrance into the crypto space gave an answer that is contrary to what may have been expected given he and his brother’s history with the social media company. Tyler’s response was that Facebook’s entrance into the cryptocurrency industry is validation for it.

Tyler Winklevoss further outlined that it’s crazy for a company in 2019 not into be in cryptocurrency and if they aren’t they are probably making plans to. Similarly, he has taken a look at Facebook’s Libra whitepaper and seen that they are evolving even though they are still trying to ascertain all the details. Nevertheless, it shows there is a plan to start.

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