Two arrested for allegedly scamming $7.5 million in cryptocurrencies

The United States Department of Justice revealed that they had arrested two US citizens who allegedly conned MLB players and scammed $7.5 million in a cryptocurrency scam.

US law enforcement arrested two citizens from the US state of Arizona that allegedly conned MLB (Major League Baseball) players and scammed over 90 investors of $7.5 million in an elaborate crypto scam. The main accused in the case had a long history of criminal activities and was arrested for several crimes including, identity theft. 


Scammers made false promises to investors

The Department of Justice (DoJ) revealed that they arrested two men who allegedly ran an elaborate cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme and scammed $7.5 million from 90 investors. 28-year old John Michael Carusso and 27-year-old Zachary Salter are charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and wire frauds. The duo used social media to portray themselves as crypto investment experts and claimed that their firm had been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2012. The duo also conned major MLB stars in this crypto scam. 


Carusso was arrested for possessing false identification

One of the alleged scammers who is arrested has a major criminal track record. John Michael Carusso, who is the founder of Zima Digital Assets, was earlier arrested in California for possessing false identification. He was also arrested in Florida in a case of extortion and Arizona for theft. He referred to himself as “Krypt=O K!ng” on social media and claimed to have been investing in cryptos since 2012. 

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