Twitter is considering to introduce a feature that would allow users to tip each other.

Microblogging platform Twitter is said to be considering a feature that will allow users to tip each other from their tweets.

The Information reported citing its sources familiar with Twitter’s decision. However, Twitter has confirmed that currently, they are not developing any tipping feature. Some outlets have also reported that the social media platform is considering a bitcoin tipping feature. The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is a well-known bitcoin advocate.


Twitter is working to decentralize the social media platform.

Earlier, Jack Dorsey revealed that they are putting together a team of five people that will work to make Twitter more decentralized in the future. Jack said that Twitter would utilize the available technology to tackle the problems that the social media platform is facing, including hate speech, an algorithm that promotes more controversial content. However, he did not mention anything about introducing a tipping feature.


Jack Dorsey will temporarily move to Africa.

Earlier, the CEO of Square revealed that he plans to move to Africa and stay there for three to six months. Jack had previously toured African countries and visited several tech hubs and analyzed that Africa has the potential to lead the crypto industry. Jack Dorsey’s other companies Square and Square Crypto, have also been betting big on bitcoin. Square’s Cash App facilitated $148 million in bitcoin sales in the third quarter of 2019.

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