Twitter CEO’s account hacked, Cryptocurrency investors suggest 2FA to be implemented

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Hackers have been acting notoriously recently with several hacking incidents coming in the limelight. The latest incident that took place with Jack Dorsey is a big-time shocker for everyone.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of multi-billion dollar companies- Twitter and Square got his account “compromised,” and well this was a reality check for everyone. If Twitter’s CEO’s account can get hacked, then we can fall in that category as well.

Twitter is a platform where you can find a common man as well as the presidents of many countries. This incident left everyone shocked and disappointed with Twitter and their user safety standards.

In response to this, Twitter Comms accepted the fact that Jack’s account got hacked and the platform is investigating and trying to find out who did this. In response to the news, TWTR fell 0.164 percent, which lead to about 53 million being removed from the company’s market capitalization.

As this news caused harm to Twitter’s reputation, people on the platform decided to mock and blame Jack Dorsey for being careless and allowing himself to get compromised.

This incident has just proved how important it is to have two-factor authentication for all the platforms that need data protection. A social media platform that has politicians, cryptocurrency investors/holders, and social media executives, two-factor authentication is a must.

Justin Sun also tweeted:

Active traders and trading platforms need to take safety measures seriously and provide a secure environment for users. The best way to tackle the problems of hacking is by using an authentication app or system such as Google Authenticator that can be installed on the phone. This helps in increasing the security of online accounts.

Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
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