Twitter CEO expresses his desire to see social media platforms decentralized.

Long time bitcoin advocate Twitter CEO Jack Dorset has expressed his desire to see social media platforms decentralized in the future.

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has been talking about the decentralization of social platforms for quite some time now. He became even more convinced that this is the right way to go after social media platforms recently decided to block US President Donald Trump’s accounts. However, he is not the only one to think so, as Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson stated that Cardano (ADA) would help make it happen. Twitter is already working on making its platform decentralized by creating a new, decentralized social media standard.


Twitter CEO brings up the decentralization of social networks after the Trump ban. 

Following the Capitol riot incident, all social media platforms decided to ban US President Donald Trump’s account. This has raised many questions about the freedom of speech and how it is possible to curb down the growing hate on social media platforms. Jack Dorsey believes that there should be a balance on social networks, Twitter included, and that an open standard can bring such balance. However, neither Twitter nor Dorsey spoke much about it since then, and the project ended up being pushed aside. But, earlier this week, Dorsey brought back the plans following the Trump incident.


Twitter CEO continues to advocate for bitcoin. 

Jack Dorsey tweeted, “The reason I have so much passion for Bitcoin is mainly because of the model it demonstrates: a foundational internet technology that is not controlled or influenced by any single individual or entity.” He further reminded users that Twitter is actively trying to progress towards a decentralized future, “funding an initiative around an open, decentralized standard for social media.” Dorsey had posted the explanation as news emerged of Trump being impeached for a second time by the House of Representatives earlier. Dorsey has been a long time advocate for bitcoin. 

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