Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey sets up his own bitcoin node.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is taking his advocacy for bitcoin to a new level as he is now as he set up his own bitcoin client software.

Jack Dorsey, a long-term bitcoin enthusiast and unarguably one of the most influential proponents of the cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, is now actively contributing to the bitcoin network. After introducing Bitcoin to Cashapp and announcing plans to release an open, decentralized standard for social media, the Twitter CEO is bringing his admiration for Bitcoin closer to home. Jack Dorsey has been a long-time supporter of the leading cryptocurrency. 


Jack Dorsey revealed he is setting up a bitcoin node.

Square CEO Jack Dorsey revealed he is setting up a bitcoin node in a tweet earlier today. “Running #Bitcoin,” he tweeted along with a screenshot that showed the synchronization process of his node with the bitcoin blockchain. Running a bitcoin node requires a download of all previously completed bitcoin transactions to bring the node on par with other existing nodes. After Dorsey completes the setup, the bitcoin node will enable him to access and verify transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. Although running bitcoin nodes are not as financially rewarding as mining, it makes the bitcoin blockchain robust. 


Twitter CEO has endorsed Bitcoin several times in the past. 

Jack Dorsey has endorsed the leading cryptocurrency several times in the past, terming it to be the best native currency of the internet and the future of Twitter. “Blockchain and bitcoin point to a future, and point to a world, where content exists forever, where it’s permanent, where it doesn’t go away, where it exists forever on every single node that’s connected to it.” – He said at the Oslo Freedom Forum last year. He also encouraged his followers to make Bitcoin donations towards the End SARS protests in Nigeria last year.

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