TRON To Collaborate with Ethereum, Other TRON Updates: Justin Sun

During an interview with Crypto Chick, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX), he thinks that TRON might officially partner with Ethereum this year.


TRON to collaborate with Ethereum:

TRON has been quite ahead in terms of partnership all across the globe and this time Justin Sun mentioned that this year, the TRON blockchain will even collaborate with Ethereum. He said that in the future they are collaborating with a lot of Ethereum developers and also the Ethereum enterprises that are built on the Ethereum blockchain which would make the overall industry even better.


TRON Updates:

Justin Sun also mentioned about TRON’s second layer scalability solution that would be out in the 2nd Quarter this year and would help in increasing the transactional throughput more than hundred times and eventually lead to decreasing the overall fees on the TRON network. The founder had also tweeted about the same recently which is also known as the Sun Network. However, Sun did not announce the exact date of the launch.



According to Sun, a privacy feature will also be added to the TRON network in the 2nd quarter this year which shall be based on the Zk Snark’s technology which is currently used by ZCash.



Justin Sun also mentioned about the upcoming USDT stablecoin on the TRON blockchain which is going to be launched tomorrow i.e. on the 9th of April this year. According to Sun, USDT stablecoin on the TRON blockchain will allow cheaper and rapid transactions than the current USDT stablecoin that is based on the Bitcoin Omni protocol.


Two prominent exchanges Houbi and Okex have already made an announcement about their support for the USDT that will be based on the TRON blockchain.


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