Tron reaches a new milestone with 569 Dapps on its network

Numbers of Dapss on Tron network continue to increase. Yesterday the company announced that the numbers of Dapps on the network have reached 569 with the addition of two new Dapps. The company also informed that the Tron ecosystem has been growing at a steady pace, and they welcome more developers and users to participate.

The company also informed about the first Dapp that was added this week, Empower Wallet. It is a decentralized wallet which aims to provide convenient, safe, and secure services. It is also a multi-featured wallet that supports multiple digital currencies. Unlike other wallets, it allows interactions between Dapps that run on different blockchains.

Earlier in July, the company reached the milestone of 500 Dapps on its network. The bost can be attributed to the projects that Justin Sun, founder of the network, announced to grow its presence in the crypto market. Previously the company announced the launch of BTFS, BitTorrent Live, BitTorrent Speed and the SUN Network

Jai Pratap
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