TRON planning 4 major upgrades by Q2 this year: TRX to the moon?

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The development team of Tron or TRX which is now one of the biggest blockchain platforms to build and deploy Dapps are working on releasing four upgrades to improve the functionality of the TRON blockchain network.


Misha Ledgerman, the co-founder of the iamdecentralized platform that is being built for supporting the development of blockchain technology, recently tweeted about the major upgrades that TRON is going to release in the Quarter 2 of this year. Ledgerman is known to be a great supporter of the TRON blockchain. According to the tweet, the four major developments will be:

– BitTorrent Speed
– Institutional friendly multi-signature and account management
– USDT launch on TRON blockchain
– Private transactions



BitTorrent Speed and Multi Signature Wallets:

After TRON acquired BitTorrent for over $140 million in 2018, the total users of the TRON blockchain have increased massively as BitTorrent already had more than 100 million users. For improving the overall functions of the BitTorrent application and the BTT token (BitTorrent Token), the development team of Tron and going to launch the ‘BitTorrent Speed’ which will be an application for compensating the users who will provide bandwidth and seeding to the network in BitTorrent Tokens.


USDT on Tron and Privacy Feature:

TRON has recently partnered with Tether Ltd, the company behind the most used stablecoin USDT. In accordance with the partnership, a new USDT Token shall be created on the TRON blockchain which will provide the ability to exchange and make use of information on the applications build on the TRON blockchain.


Apart from this, for the privacy feature, TRON developers are going to implement the zk-SNARKS technology which is currently used by ZCash. This would provide a privacy feature to the users for conducting private transactions. Justin Sun had announced this feature during the podcast with Bad Crypto.

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