TRON Updates: BitTorrent, niTRon Summit, zk SNARKs, Justin Sun and more.

Everyone knows that TRON bought BitTorrent and everyone had been hoping that the crypto integration for BitTorrent would actually be using the TRON token. This is not the case. The announcement has come out that there will be a BitTorrent token which will run on top of TRON but it won’t be TRON as the native asset within the BitTorrent ecosystem. This will be available via Binance launch pad and unfortunately, US investors will not be able to get into this sale.


niTROn Summit:

niTRon is the name of the TRON summit which is happening in about weeks. Justin Sun, Kobe Bryant and many other exciting people will be speaking at the event. This is going to be a really good move for TRON in terms of actually getting people excited about it, getting a lot of TRON enthusiasts in one room together, a lot of TRON investors, people who are looking to build on TRON, people who want to get invested in TRON and more. This brings everyone together in one place and it’s going to be an annual event moving from here forward. This event is going to be a big boost for the ecosystem in the way that a lot of these blockchain specific events really can be.

zk-SNARKs are going to be integrated into the TRON network in Q1 2019 which will ensure privacy on the network. Many of the other major platforms are also moving towards some kind of privacy integration.

TRON has reached 1 million user accounts which is really impressive after only 6 months of the mainnet being live.


TRON ecosystem:

We have seen a lot of new Dapps being developed on the TRON network. TRON Arcade is a $100 million incentive program is specifically focused on getting blockchain games to be developed on top of TRON. At the current time, the Dapps being developed on TRON are mostly gambling dapps but also a lot of new games are coming to TRON.


Justin Sun:

Justin Sun has been recently out calling for developers to jump ship and come to TRON specifically targetting Ethereum. He is also calling out developers from Ethereum Classic to come over to TRON and it is going to be a compelling message because TRON is well funded whereas other blockchains really struggle when it comes to actually be able to fund developers to come and build on top of their blockchain. He is also being calling out to EOS developers to come over but that is going to be a very different equation though as EOS is well funded by Block.One and the team at EOS is not having the same kind of scaling issues that Ethereum is having.
Overall, we have to keep in mind that Justin Sun is an excellent marketer and he is talked about constantly and is a very prominent figure in the crypto space.


2019 is going to be a very interesting year for TRON with so many things coming up. What do you fell about the future of TRON? Tell us in the comments section below.

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