TRON: Latest Updates, TRX Price Analysis.

Most recent updates concerning TRON blockchain along with the price analysis for a past few months.

How has competition supported cryptocurrencies?

Due to the competitiveness between the myriad of Blockchain platforms, the community members can achieve significant advantages from the current situation. This healthy competitive spirit among the blockchain companies also leads to consistent efforts to innovate newer Technologies for the development of not only financially, but also various other genres as well. Also, the experts in the Crypto domain have predicted an exponential rise in the research and development towards the blockchain and cryptocurrency in the near coming decade.  Let’s read about TRON Blockchain and how it is leaving behind Ethereum– a significant player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.



How is the TRON blockchain leaving behind Ethereum?

The TRON Blockchain platform is one such result, which has been providing its service to the Crypto community from a very long time. The blockchain-based ecosystem also is deemed to be leaving behind, the most popular and reliable smart contract based cryptocurrency Blockchain platform, Ethereum. It must be noted down that, Ethereum is the second largest Cryptocurrency, currently. The TRON project has been able to lure investors towards it, as the price of the coin has been marking a bullish momentum since the beginning of 2018. On the contrary, Ethereum, on the other hand, has been continuously falling due to various types of bottlenecks experienced by the network.


Elaborating further features of TRON

The most intuitive TRON wallet supports various functionalities. The TRON wallet is automatically synced with the latest data for all the token sales happening in the Crypto domain. Even many of the Initial Coin Offerings are being undertaken concerning the TRON blockchain, but this was not the trend earlier. It is also noteworthy to mention that the development of smart contracts, in case of the Ethereum Blockchain, requires the knowledge of the programming language, Solidity but in case of TRON, the token creation is as easy as filling up a form and can be done within a matter of minutes.  


The first blockchain based game of the TRON community

More Recently, the founder of TRON Blockchain, Justin Sun unveiled their flagship game, based on the TRON Blockchain platform, where the users can experience real-world transactions using their assets. Their game, Magic Academy is highly futuristic as the community members boast it to be, one of the global competitors to other related games in the market. Also, its integrated wallet it is loaded with features like QR code based TRON wallet. The wallet even supports the facility of scanning the QR code of another user, to send or receive cryptocurrency payments from or to them.


Significant achievements of the TRON wallet

Security is given the utmost priority, to, secure the cryptocurrency funds by the TRON wallet. Hence, face recognition as well as fingerprint scanner are made available to unlock the TRON wallet. The TRON development community is also very optimistic, as it plans to develop the facility of decentralized applications within its Blockchain network. The TRON community has consistently been expanding its operations and one of the critical achievements is its acquisition of BitTorrent for a total amount of $140 million. It is also worth mentioning, that most of the ERC 20 based tokens have migrated towards the TRON blockchain platform.  


Let us try to understand, the price fluctuations of a fundamental asset of the TRON Blockchain, which is its native cryptocurrency token, TRON itself for a past few months.

July 2018

The price of TRX is currently trading around USD 0.022466. In the initial days of July, the coin price was hovering around $0.039.  The coin was trading around $0.04 for a whole month and experience a significant drop in the price and reached to $0.03.


August 2018

The coin reached it all-time low of the month, when the price touched the $0.017 mark, in August 2018. The coin somewhat tried to recover, in that particular month and by the end of the month, reached $0.024.  


September 2018

The prices of TRX even experienced a bearish momentum, as the prices dropped from $0.026 to $0.021.


The 13th largest cryptocurrency, according to market capitalization, seems to have a very bright future as consistent developmental efforts are being employed.



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