TRON accused of presenting illusionary partnership.


Justin Yuchen Sun tweeted on 12th October 2018 that TRON; for the first time was partnering with a billion dollar industry giant.

The rumor giant later turned out to be ‘Baidu’, also known as China’s ‘Google’ which was announced by a cryptocurrency news channel coinness on twitter

The following announcements led to the enormous increase in the price of TRON in just a couple of minutes.

However, now it came out to be that the partnership between TRON and Baidu is nothing but Tron purchasing Baidu’s cloud computing.

Industrialists from all around the world are criticizing TRON for misleading investors and traders into investing in TRON to increase the price of the token.

TRON has been previously accused of copying the whitepaper of IPFS, copying the EVN of Ethereum and copying the DPOS of EOS.

At least they did not mislead of partnerships with IPFS, Ethereum or EOS, an investor laughed.

Calling purchase of a computer a partnership can surely be termed as creating an illusion of hopes for the TRON community and the TRON team has surely fallen in the eyes of their own community after this marketing act.

What if we say that Coinnounce is partnering with Microsoft by purchasing Microsoft Azure cloud computing service?

What are your thoughts about the TRON’s team after this act? Tell us in the comments sections below.

Janet F. Sanchez
Janet Sanchez writes articles which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. She is best known for writing cryptocurrency related news and blogs. She also writes about business, finance, and technology. Working from home and taking care of her little son, she has a passion for writing.


  1. Last time I ever bought this coin. Tron is clearly misleading the public with these kind of announcements. This is not smart Marketing anymore. Makes you wonder what the real value proposition is. If this project has any real potential, you simply don’t need nor want these kind of stunts.

  2. A lot of tron haters out in the crypto verse. It’s funny that I couldn’t care less about their shit coins but they always have an opinion on mine. Hmmmm

    • Well, enjoy the new Baidu partnership than. I hope that renting cloud storage there will do your coin a lot of good. Indeed the biggest partnership to date for Tron.

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