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Trade with anonymity. Top Crypto Exchanges with no verification.

Let's look at some of the top crypto exchanges with no verification required to start trade anonymously.
Let’s look at some of the top crypto exchanges with no verification required to start trade anonymously.

Elucidating Crypto exchanges, which gives privacy the utmost priority.

Why do we need such Crypto exchanges?

Being anonymous is associated with a lot of advantages. It is discomforting that all the online activity of each and every individual is constantly being monitored. With anonymity, they are given access to freedom of speech. Whether or not, a person is doing illegal activity, getting to know their personal preferences is unethical. Even many of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges, traditionally monitor all the trading activities of its users. Ironically, the cryptocurrencies are expected to be anonymous in nature. The Centralised exchanges have become popular and therefore anonymity has become rare. Nevertheless, the decentralized exchanges provide high levels of anonymity. Let’s look at some of the top crypto exchanges with no verification required to start trade anonymously.

The article covers a handful of Crypto exchanges which offer services with almost no verification procedures.

1. Z-Pay

Z-Pay is an anonymous payment system. With Z-Pay, users can pay for services, goods, transfer money, exchange crypto and fiat currencies without any verification.
Anonymity is achieved by use of cheques, this is the Z-Pay‘s key feature: these anonymous vouchers are redeemed by the recipient in any currency he accepts as payment for goods or a service.
By transferring the Z-Pay cheque number as a payment to the money recipient, the sender does not disclose his personal data, and the payment itself comes to the recipient instantly, without any delay.
The creators of the payment system have also developed a Telegram bot, which completely functionally matches the service website. For users’ convenience, Android and iOS applications have also been released.

2. Blockonix

The decentralized exchange, initiated in July 2018, stands at the first position when it comes to the Crypto exchanges with no verification procedures. It provides anonymity to its users in a way that no one could imagine. Blockonix users can seamlessly connect their hardware wallets and start trading on the exchange or can generate a new wallet just by entering a strong password and downloading a JSON file. No exclusive registration is mandatory.

3. Bitfinex

At Bitfinex, the users have an option of depositing or withdrawing their funds in the form of cryptocurrencies only, with no verification procedures. They provide high levels of privacy to their traders and doesn’t incorporate the extensive KYC regulations. Specifically, the process of withdrawal and deposit becomes extensive with the Crypto exchanges complying with the KYC regulations.

4. Binance

One of the top Crypto exchanges of the world, situated in Hong Kong, has a record of the 24-hour trading volume of about $4 billion. With a cost of negligible verification, which is the same as Crypto exchanges with no verification, they allow the users for a transfer of funds up to 2 BTC worth.

5. Changelly

It offers service of Crypto Exchanges with no verification procedures and allows for seamless transfer of funds between different cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrencies. 0.5% transaction fee is negotiable when compared to the amount of privacy one can avail, just by providing a valid or invalid email address.

6. Kraken

The Crypto exchange offers to trade, without any form of KYC regulations. The Exchange, has also its exclusive iOS as well as Android mobile applications, in order to bring the trading process, in the hands of users, since 2014 itself. The exchange specifically has 5 tiers of users, where different levels of them avail different kinds of the facility through the exchange but it is worth noting down that it doesn’t require KYC regulations. Therefore, the government intervention is kept far away from the trading operations.

There are also alternative ways, apart from the Crypto exchanges which the users might find attractive are,

1. Many countries have the facility of Bitcoin ATMs, even which provide the facility of Bitcoin transactions throughout the world. The users can just enter their wallet addresses (both source and destination). The transaction is reflected through the original Blockchain within a matter of few minutes and importantly without any verification procedures.

2. The users can even avail the services offered by, which allows the buyer and seller, to meet each other and undertake the transaction in their preferred ways, just by registering with their email IDs.

3. BitQuick enables its users to buy cryptocurrencies by using their credit cards in a very traditional way, without requiring any form of personal identification. It basically acts as an escrow service and the funds are released, only when all the required conditions are met.

Added advantages of such exchanges

Also, one must know that all the Crypto exchanges with no verification procedures have faster transactional information on an average when compared to their counterparts. Some exchanges with KYC regulations takes days to complete the transactions. Therefore, the above-mentioned Crypto exchanges with no verification procedures are highly recommended for the beginners, to start with the Crypto trading or investing.