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Tornado Cash Discord And Admin Forums Disappeared

The Discord channel and the DAO admin forum that is “in love” with the Ethereum Tornado Cash mixer have been disabled since yesterday.

Tornado Cash Is “Immovable”?

As regularly updated, the Ethereum Tornado Cash “mixer” was earlier this week sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control for abetting dirty money.

Tensions were heightened when Dutch police yesterday confirmed the arrest of any anonymous Tornado Cash developer.

“He is most likely involved in concealing crimes and abetting money laundering through Tornado Cash,” the Dutch Crime Agency (FIOD) said.

On the same day, Twitter users discovered that the Discord channel and forum that the Tornado DAO used to discuss and run the project had “disappeared.” However, it is unclear whether the source of the Tornado Cash developer salvage proposal earlier this week is reporting an error.

Additionally, the Tornado Cash DAO is currently discussing a new proposal titled “Save Tornado Cash: Declare War on U.S. Sanctions.” The successful reversal of these sanctions is expected to set a precedent and increase privacy for the cryptocurrency market.