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Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges from Japan



top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan

Japan has been moving steadfastly towards the advancement of digital currencies and blockchain in their country and around the world and has been very positive regarding this revolutionary new electronic peer to peer cash transfer system even amidst several negative notions in the digital currency market. Owing to this, Japan has come up with several cryptocurrency exchanges which operate not just in the demographic of Japan but all over the world. Given here is a list of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and a little information about them to help you gain more knowledge and help you decide upon one of them for you to start your trading, purchasing and transactions in the world of digital currencies.

Here are top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan:


A Bitcoin exchange based in Japan, users can buy Bitcoins on this exchange and buy and sell them using bank transfers or credit cards. It is private for Japanese citizens buying less than $500 worth of bitcoin which means that there is no need for identity verification and it also supports multiple altcoins. There is no set fee for credit card deposits and so it varies based on conditions. Moreover, the exchange can be a little hard to use for new Bitcoin users since it is mostly geared towards digital currency traders.



Bitflyer is the largest Bitcoin broker and exchange in Japan when one takes into account the number of users, average daily volume and investment capital. To unlock higher monthly limits one needs to go through identity verification and support on this website is available only from 9AM to 7PM on weekdays. Although it can be a little harder to use this bitcoin exchange, it has extremely low fees charged which comes to around just 0.15% and reduces even further more down with more frequent trading.



Japan’s fastest growing digital currency exchange, Bitbank also offers its clients and customers highly accurate and reliable market insights for the trading of Bitcoin and Litecoin. This site also features a digital wallet service. A web based trading platform, it is very well compatible with all types of desktops and mobile phones. Bitbank charges neither deposit nor trading fees thus making it a unique digital currency platform in its own. The only fees users are required to pay is on their withdrawals which stands at around 0.0001 BTC or 0.001 LTC per withdrawal. Digital currency is held on this site in cold storage. It supports only Japanese Yen and it is very easy to use and navigate.


Fisco Virtual Currency

Fisco Virtual Currency is a Japanese Bitcoin and other crypto assets trading company. It has a very low trading fees and its users are only charged a withdrawal fees, nothing else. Its web platform is equipped with all its basic tools and is a very easy platform to use. It requires you to undergo identity verification and it is thus mandatory for you to hold a Japanese passport or Visa. It trades in only three digital currencies namely Bitcoin, Manacoin and Bitcoin Cash and also has no wallet service so you are required to set up a wallet on some other site that provides digital wallet services.


SBI Virtual Currencies

SBI Holdings is one of Japan’s financial giants. It is active only for a limited number of users and supports only one digital currency so far which is Bitcoin. It is expected to trade in Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Ethereum once it is completely launched. A very reliable and known name, this makes it safe and secure for users to invest their money in. They have a total of 8.5 million accounts across financial service subsidiaries.



Based in Tokyo, Japan, Bitocean is another popular digital currency exchange in Japan. They make Bitcoin Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Currently, they are working on setting up a new O2O Bitcoin trading platform solution. It has a stable and safe embedded software created by a professional ATM manufacturer with a zero licensing fees for all transactions. It can be used in several languages – English, Chinese and of course Japanese and it also generates a paper wallet. It supports not just Japanese Yen but multiple currencies and supports verification via several mediums including email, SMS and telephone.It requires 15 seconds for transaction processing and has a bank level hardware system for efficient and secure service.



Zaif is one of the major players in the Japanese digital currency exchange market. Owned by Tech Bureau, it has a low trading fee of 0% and a daily fee of 0.039% of the total position amount per day. It has good regulation, lots of tools and instruments and provides an instant exchange service. Easy to use for all sorts of investors, it offers good security.


GMO Coin

Founded in 2016, GMO Coin is another well known digital currency exchange in Japan. It offers improved risk management and makes frequent developments in the digital currency space. Available as both an android and ios app, it trades in four main digital currencies namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.


Bitarg Exchange

Bitarg Exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Tokyo, Japan. Yahoo! Japan has bought 40% shares of the Bitarg Exchange. This means that the Yahoo! Japan Exchange will be newly built by its developers and engineers but would be heavily based upon the systems of Bitarg.


Xtheta Corporation

Another popular digital currency exchange in Japan and the last one on this list, it is one of the exchanges in Japan which has been given the right to facilitate trading of digital currencies. Highly secure and reliable, Xtheta is an easy to use web platform with low fees.

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Bitcoin is Halal? Will crypto rise with mass Muslim adoption?



Many Islamic Scholars are discussing the real nature of cryptocurrencies with some of them calling it a 'HARAM' while others calling it a 'HALAL'.

Erol Yarar, the chairman of the international business forum has suggested all Islamic nations to adopt the cryptocurrency system for transactions with each other rather than adopting the US Dollar as according to him the US Dollar is used as a weapon by the United States to wreak economic havoc.


Calling US Dollar a ‘Punishing Tool’

Yarar expressed his concerns by stating that the US dollar is used by the United States Government to punish a specific country that the United States is not willing to be in peace with. He also stated that the United States Government uses the US Dollar to lower down the money transactions, for imposing sanctions and for making nations bowing down in front of the United States.


Yarar said that the US Dollar is not just a common currency but also a sanctioning tool. Also saying that at the International Business Forum this year, they will discuss the term monetary pluralism for implementing a democratic trading environment and the top features to be discussed at the next International Business Forum meeting would be the usage of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency for the financial sector in the Muslim countries especially the middle east.


Yarar said:

“We will make a cryptocurrency system, that will be used for international trade among Islamic countries, a current issue.”


Bitcoin Halal?

Many Islamic Scholars are discussing the real nature of cryptocurrencies with some of them calling it a ‘HARAM SYSTEM’ or ‘ILLEGAL SYSTEM’ while others calling it a ‘HALAL SYSTEM’ or ‘LEGAL SYSTEM’ according to the Islamic principals with some Mosques such as the Shacklewell Lane Mosque in London have also started to accept cryptocurrencies as donations.


What do you think about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being termed as Halal? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Bitcoin Cash BCH Hash Wars: Who is winning?



The Bitcoin Cash hash war is still on with close to 300 blocks mined on the BCHABC side using the new ruleset, which has also given the BCH network the most accumulated proof of work. Cryptocompare has given the BCH ticker to BCHABC chain followed by Bittrex also appointing the ABC chain with the BCH ticker. The ABC chain has gained more support and also mined more blocks since the split of the BCH chain into BCHABC and BCHSV. The SV chain has performed less work till now.


Faketoshi “Satoshi’s Shotgun”

Craig Wright had earlier threatened that he will destroy the BCH ABC chain by mining empty blocks using his huge hash power, which is being called “Satoshi’s Shotgun”. BCH ABC has apparently survived the Shotgun. Peter Rizun from Bitcoin Unlimited said:

“The difference in network effect stark: BSV has few users, no OSX or Windows clients, no block explorer, perhaps one mobile wallet, and a shotgun that doesn’t shoot so straight,”

According to, BCH ABC is currently 51.9% ahead on proof of work and is 15 blocks ahead, meaning miners will to secure the BCH ABC side and that exchanges ca resume deposits and get everything back to normal. Many supports believe that the ABC side has already won the battle.
Bittrex has listed the ABC chain as BCH and the SV chain as BSV.

While many BCH supports are claiming that the war is over and the ABC side is close to winning it, SV supporters still believe that the hash war will continue for weeks and Craig Wright continues to claim that he will destroy the ABC chain by mining empty blocks.

What do you think about the hash war? Comment below

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Cryptocurrency Mining getting too expensive



A United States County Chean County Public Utility District published a proposal to increase the electricity rates for cryptocurrency mining.

With more and more people moving towards the cryptocurrency related businesses, the authorities are still unclear about the regulations in relation to it. Starting from tax rates to electricity rates in relation to cryptocurrency mining and other operations, the picture remains unclear whether the government of a specific location will be crypto supportive in the future or not.


Chean County to increase electricity rates for crypto miners

A United States County Chean County Public Utility District published a proposal to increase the electricity rates for cryptocurrency mining. The customer utility rate adviser to the Chelan County Public Utility District said that the proposed structure will be similar to the current strucutre but the new proposed strucutre will market on the energy price as they will need to buy power on the market in order to match the fluctuating load associated with cryptocurrency mining.


What Next?

On approval of the proposed strucutre not only cryptocurrency mining will be affected but also the employement rates in relation to fields such as finance, programming and others related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be affected. The County is on the verge of becoming a hub for cryptocurrency mining but due to the price increases, the people will start moving towards other businesses.


Chinese Government Crack Down on Cryptocurrency Mining Plants

China, a country which is known of banning technology giants such as Facebook and Google also banned the cryptocurrency exchanges in the country as expected. Now the Chinese Government is trying to crack down the cryptocurrency mining plants by issuing a notice to bitcoin mining companies operating in the Chinese province.

According to the Government’s notice cryptocurrency mining companies in the country are using subsidized electricity rates to mine cryptocurrencies. The government revealed that it had found out that these companies are earning massive amounts of profits by operating in grey areas. The companies are receiving an unlimited supply of electricity without any government interference.

The Chinese Government now suggests new regulations in relation to cryptocurrency mining operations and wants the companies to register with the Power Supply Bureau with their real identities, undergo tax inspection and reveal their source of income along with the power supply they require each month. The Government is going to start power cuts at various provinces where they feel that cryptocurrency mining operations are going on.


Bitcoin mining is quietly becoming a monopoly market with large mining companies such as Antpool which mines more than 18% of the total bitcoin blocks are dominating the cryptocurrency mining operations. What is the future of Home Mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the near future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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