Top 30 Blockchain Meetups & Groups around the world. Join the one near you.

If you think you have a groundbreaking idea about blockchain startup, and but know don’t where and how to start? Or if you want to meet people who share the same passion about the technology as you do. We have listed down top 30 blockchain meetups and groups around the world. Find the one near you and join it to meet people who love this technology as you do and help each other grow.

Following are top 30 blockchain meetups and groups.

1. Beginner Programmers, New york

With 9671 members, this public group is for anyone who wants to learn about coding and crypto. As the name suggests, this group welcomes people who want to learn from the ground up. With regular free interactive classes, lectures, panels, and study groups, you will meet people who share the same amount of enthusiasm for the crypto as you do. Join the group here.

2. Ethereum London, London

Ethereum London is a group of people who work with Ethereum blockchain technology. The meetup was started by Stephan Tual in the Punch & Judy pub in January 2014 with 39 attendees. Now it has more than 8000 members. The members of the group have gone to build Ethereum (obvs), Ethereum Name Service, CryptoCompare, Parity, Atlas Neue, and many other impressive projects. The meetup is held twice a month. Join the group here.

3. Ethereum, Singapore

Sponsored by DigixGlobal, this group is the largest of its kind in entire Asia. This is a platform for the programming language that developers can use to make next-gen decentralized apps. Currently, with 8900 members, this group is must for you if you have an idea to Ethereum based decentralized app. Join this group here.

4. TorontoStarts, Toronto

Based in Toronto with 8000 members is an entrepreneur-led volunteer-run community. This group provides its members with all the essential tools to grow their business further. With startup events, classes, courses, and various workshops, this group is for you want to take your startup to the next level. Join this group here. 

5. Bitcoin Meetup, Zürich, Switzerland

Bitcoin Meetup has 7500 members who meet regularly to discuss the future of bitcoin and politics and regulations around it. If you are also a bitcoin enthusiast, this group is must for you. Join the group here.

6. Silicon Valley Developer Network, Palo Alto, CA

With 7176 members, this group is for developers who work with Android, IOS, Blockchain, AI, Cloud, etc. Next, meet up of the group will take place on 6th Aug Tuesday in Palo Alto. Join this group here.

7. Vancouver’s Software Developers Network,

Canda’s largest blockchain meetup group with 7500 members, this group welcomes people with any skill level who want to develop software. Join this group to teach and learn about software development. The group holds monthly meetups. Join this group here.

8. China Business Events, Shanghai, China

This is a Meetup community for people to meet, discuss, and get involved in how business in China works and what are opportunities and challenges. The group conducts monthly meetings that include discussions, book talk, and presentations where participants can share their ideas. This group has 6943 members as of now. Join this group here.

9. Bitcoin Wednesday, Amsterdam, Netherlands

With more than 6450 members this is Netherlands longest-running conference group about bitcoin and blockchain. The next meet will take place on 7th Aug. Join this group to learn and teach about Bitcoin and Blockchain. Join this group here.

10. Decentralized Blockchain Developer Group, San Francisco, CA

DCSF is a platform for a technical meetup to explore blockchain and decentralized technologies, with more than 6000 members. In the meetup of the groups, prominent people share their experience of developing decentralized apps. If you want to make a decentralized app or develop of your own, then this group is for you. Join this group here.

11. Seoul Ethereum Meetup, Seoul, South Korea

This group is for students, investors, and anyone who wants to learn or connect with people who know about ethereum and decentralized apps. Currently, this group has 6000 members. Join this group here.

12. Coinscrum, London, United Kingdom

Coinscrum started as a small bitcoin meetup group in a pub in Paddington in 2012. Coinscrum invites prominent personalities from the industry to speak about blockchain technology. This group welcomes people with any level of knowledge about blockchain. Currently, it has 6189 members. Join this group here.


13. Blockchain NYC .org, New York focuses on blockchain tech, trends, and events as well as leading breakthroughs in exploring blockchain technology. Events of this have been covered by Fortune, Business Insider, Digital NYC, and many other media outlets.
This is a monthly meetup group focused on leveraging blockchain technology. Join this group here. 

14. Bitcoin HK, Honk Kong

Bitcoin HK is a platform for Bitcoin enthusiasts, users, developers, and everyone who wants to learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contract platforms. This group has 5635 members. Join this group here.

15. Byte Academy, New York

Students, alumni of Byte Academy formed this group to discuss education, networking, startups, programming, FinTech, MedTech, Data Science, women in tech, blockchain, and much more. Join this group here. 

16. IBM Cloud, Paris, France.

This group is for beginners, developers, subject matter experts, IT Consultants, and researchers who are enthusiasts about learning and developing applications on IBM Cloud. This group has 5200 members. In this group, you will meet with product architects from IBM, experts, fellow developers, and like-minded people. Join this group here.

17. Blockchain NYC, New york

With a focus on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data science, this group is one of a kind. It has more than 5000 members. Next event of the group is scheduled to take place on 29th July, and the topic of discussion would be Understanding Libra, Facebook’s digital currency. Join this group here.

18. SF Ethereum Developers, San Fransisco, CA

This is a group for developers in San Francisco to learn about Ethereum and to help in developing decentralized applications. With more than 5000 members this group regularly hold events to discuss Ethereum and blockchain technology. Join this group here. 

19. Hacker Dojo, Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara based group has more than 5000 members. They hold regular events to help startups grow, which include lectures, brainstorming sessions, and much more. If you live in the area and are struggling to get your blockchain startup to take to the next level, join this group to get your creative juices to flow and meet like-minded people. Join this group here.

20. Open innovation Paris, France

Open innovation is for everyone whether you are a student, a new startup, entrepreneur, investor, or want to gain knowledge about blockchain you are welcome in this group. This group has 5000 members. Join this group here. 

21. Bay AI Developers Group, Mountain View, CA

Join this group to learn and practice AI, ML, DL, and Data Science technology together with like-minded developers. This San Fransisco based group has 4900 members. Join this group here.

22. Blockchain & SmartContract Innovators, London, UK

This group is for enthusiasts looking to explore in the space of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contract. If you want to explore the possibilities and challenges of smart contracts, join this group. It has 4500 members. Join this group here.

23. Alternative Investments Club, New York.

The Alternative Investments Club of New York is the largest investment club in New York City. It is made up of investors from wealthy family offices, angels & VCs, and CEOs. This group has 4700 members. To join this group, you have to attend open meetups, which are organized frequently. Join this group here. 

24. CryptoMondays NYC. New York.

CryptoMondays is for people who want to talk about crypto, learn about it, find jobs, hire people, and who wish to leverage crypto to make the world a better place. This group has 4666 members as of now. If you are passionate about the crypto world, this group is for you. Join this group here.

25. Machine Learning & Blockchain, Hyderabad, India

This Indian group has 4500 members. They hold regular events to discuss blockchain and related development in technology. Join this group if you live in the area to expand your contacts and meet like-minded people. Join this group here.

26. Blockchain Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Blockchain Centre is the world’s first non-profit blockchain Technology community hub and coworking space. This group aims to encourage and help with the education, adoption, and growth of the blockchain and provide resources to entrepreneurs and startups. Join this group here

27. Health Artificial Intelligence Society, New York.

This group focuses on AI and open source software and current events in the field of AI. If you are an artificial enthusiast, this group is for you. This group currently has 4200 members. Next, meet up of the group is scheduled on 24th July 6;45 PM. Join this group here.

28. Hyperledger NYC, New York

Hyperledger is an open-source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technology. It is a global collaboration, hosted by Linux Foundation, including personalities in finance, banking, supply chains, manufacturing, and technology. This group has 4000 members. Join this group here. 

29. Silicon Valley New Technology Startups, Palo, Alto

This meetup group is the ideal place for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to develop new technologies and convert innovations into real business success. This group has 4000 members. Join this group here.

30. AI & Blockchain Technology, Meetup, Toronto, Canada.

This group caters for anyone who is interested in exploring data-driven enterprise solutions and enjoys solving problems collaboratively. This group hs 400 members and the next meet up is scheduled on 8 Aug at 6;30 PM. Join this group here.

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