Top 20 Cryptocurrency Youtubers

Since cryptocurrency has become mainstream, more and more people are trying to figure it out. It has attracted the attention of working-class people who have little or no knowledge about cryptocurrency. So what better place to learn about something you do not know than Youtube. There are several videos on Youtube that explain deeply about various aspects of the crypto world. Since people want to know more and more about cryptocurrency, this has allowed the experts or people who have decent knowledge about the subject to start their own Youtube Channels. Cryptocurrency YouTubers are not only limited to provide basic information about the subject; they also help people who actively participate in the exchange. So to help you out we have listed down top 20 cryptocurrency YouTubers as of 2019.


1. Crypto Daily.

Crypto Daily joined youtube in 2014 and currently has 140,000 subscribers. Crypto daily videos provide with analysis of the cryptocurrency in a very entertaining way. His videos make sure that you will never get bored. If you like sarcasm and want to follow what is happening the crypto world we recommend to check out this channel.


2. Data Dash

Nicholas Merten
Nicholas Merten

Data Dash is probably the most-watched cryptocurrency youtube channel. Nicholas Merten run this channel, he is a data analyst turned crypto trader. With his real-world experience, he provides with beneficial information to people who actively participate in the crypto exchange. This cryptocurrency YouTuber joined the platform in 2017, and as of now has 318,000 subscribers with 20 million views in total. To know the trend and in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency, check out this channel here.


3. Crypto Lark

New Zealand based cryptocurrency Youtuber has 100,000 subscribers with a total of 8 million views. This channel provides from basic information about the cryptocurrency to the deep insights about the price. Crypto Lark also makes videos where he predicts the future rate of different cryptocurrencies. He helps people who are active traders. Check out this channel here.


4. Suppoman

Check out this cryptocurrency you Tuber if you want to learn about the cryptocurrency market in an entertaining and easy to understand way. This channel helps viewers learn how to trade and invest in different cryptocurrencies. There are weekly uploads of technical analysis, coin analysis & ICO analysis. Check out this channel here.


5. Chriss Dunn

Chriss Dunn
Chriss Dunn

This cryptocurrency You Tuber simply claims to teach you techniques that will help you grow your wealth. His videos are easy to follow with clear, concise information that you need to have to make educated decisions about your next investment. Check out this channel here.



The only female cryptocurrency Youtuber on the list joined the platform for two years. Crypto Tips uploads frequent videos about analysis of different coins and interviews with industry experts to provide viewers insights about the crypto world. Check out this cryptocurrency Youtuber.



This young cryptocurrency Youtuber provides in-depth market analysis along with reviewing charts and helps viewers to what to look for in charts. He also uploads videos for beginners and helps them to understand the market. We recommend this channel to if you are looking for an in-depth analysis of the crypto market.Check out this channel here.



Ivan is a software developer from Sweden, and he is also an international blockchain speaker. This channel is more on the technical side of cryptocurrency. If you have an interest in the technology of blockchain and future of it, we recommend to check out Ivan on tech.



Crytp0 uploads daily videos to share his opinion on crypto news and trends. If you want to keep yourself update with crypto space, this cryptocurrency Youtube channel is must for you. As of now, this channel has 120,000 subscribers with more than 11,70,000 views. Check out this channel here.



Started two years ago this cryptocurrency youtube channel has more than 110,000 subscribers with 6,600,000 views. This channel focuses on crypto trading and provides an in-depth analysis of the market and predictions about the fluctuations. Along with Youtube channel he also has podcasts on iTunes that you can listen. Check out this channel here.


11. World Crypto Network

This Cryptocurrency Youtube channel uploads weekly videos where crypto experts and blockchain developers weigh their opinions on the daily crypto news and the crypto space in general. Jeffrey Jones hosts this channel. This channel also does live streaming where they discuss various things related to cryptocurrency. Check out this channel here.


12. Digital Gold

This channel focuses on mining and technical aspect of it. This channel teaches through live streaming about bitcoin mining and other blockchain technology things. Digital Gold also uploads videos where they talk about the future of blockchain technology and upcoming altcoins. If you want to know the tech side of the crypto world chek out this channel.


13. CrushTheStreet

This channel is for you if you are serious about investing your money in cryptocurrency. The host of the channel discusses various unconventional means to invest in different crypto to accumulate wealth. The host also interviews different experts where they discuss the impact and impact of cryptocurrency. Check out this channel here.


14. Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic
Ameer Rosic

The host Ameer Rosic is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, investor, blockchain evangelist, and a crypto influencer. He has spoken about investing in crypto at various international forums. He has the ability to make you understand even the most technical aspects in a simple language. If you are a beginner, check out his special playlist dedicated to beginner investors. With Ameer Rosic, you are in safe hands, especially if you are just getting to know about the crypto world. Check out this channel here.


15. The Right Trader

Matthey hosts this cryptocurrency youtube channel. He makes predictions about the market along with technical analysis on different Altcoins. His opinions help viewers understand various aspects, strategies, and concepts surrounding the financial markets. If you are serious about trading, we recommend to check out this channel.


16. The Chart Guys

This channel focuses on blockchain technologies and trends within the blockchain industry. The host of this channel also uploads videos about where he discusses trading and charts and help its viewers to make educated decisions about their investments in cryptocurrencies. Check out this channel here.


17. Crypto Hedge

This cryptocurrency youtube channel focuses on trading, and this is the best channel for you are a beginner. The best thing about this channel is that the host trades in cryptocurrency while live streaming. Despite being young, the host is trading in cryptocurrency for longtime If you are looking for trading videos this channel is for you. Check out this channel here.


18. The Arcane Bear

Tijo hosts this channel from the middle of the Jungle in Costa Rica. Tijo has traveled the world and has met many industry giants. He uploads weekly videos about trading and the future technology of blockchain. Check out this channel here.


19. CryptoBud

This cryptocurrency youtube channel covers various aspects of the crypto world, including trading, interviews, ICOs, market analysis, and the latest news in the cryptocurrency world. If you want to learn about ICOs and upcoming Altcoins this channel is for you. Check out this channel here.


20. Doug Polk Crypto

Doug Polk
Doug Polk

Last but not least on our list is Doug Polk, Along with an active investor in cryptocurrencies, Doug is also a professional poker player. In his videos, he discusses daily news and happening in crypto space. He brings his poker experience to determine the risk factor, which can be refreshing to watch. His videos are entertaining enough, which will make you keep coming back. Check out this channel here.

These 20 cryptocurrency YouTubers are gaining a lot of attention as more and more people are trying to enter into the crypto world. As crypto space grows more and more crypto, influencers and enthusiasts will surface to help grow the industry. As of now, these Crypto YouTubers are enough to help you kick start your journey in this world or to make you a better investor.

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