Top 2 Gainers of the day: Bitcoin Diamond and Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Diamond: BCD

Support Level: $1.1

Resistance Level: $1.13

Bitcoin diamond was trading around $1.7 before the market crash which led to the price fall. The major price downfall for Bitcoin Diamond started on 19th November up to 20th November when BCD fell up to $0.84. After reaching this bottom the price started to correct.


BCDUSD 24 hour chart
BCDUSD 24 hour chart


Bitcoin Diamond is currently trading at 0.1174 (at the time of writing). The price has experienced a bullish momentum in the last 24 hours with the coin rising more than 18%. The current support level lies at $1.10 and the resistance at $1.13.


Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Support Level: $20.7

Resistance Level: $23.2

The Price of Bitcoin Gold also experienced a major downfall on 20th November with the price dropping from $27 up to $18.7. The coin is currently trading around $21.248 with a significant rise of around 10% in the last 24 hours.


BTGUSD Price Chart
BTGUSD Price Chart


Looking at the 24-hour chart, the MACD is in a bullish zone. The price may experience some hurdles while trying to chase the resistance at $23.2. The major support lies around $20.7.


What about Bitcoin?

BTCUSD 24 hour chart
BTCUSD 24 hour chart


In the last 24 hours, the price of Bitcoin has made some minor corrections but not a major one which the cryptocurrency community is awaiting. Bitcoin is currently trading around $4448 (at the time of writing). The MACD is currently in the bearish zone. The price may settle at around $4400 at the next half of the day. Bitcoin experienced a massive crash on 14th November with the start of Bitcoin Cash Hash Wars. Michael Moro, the CEO at Genesis Trading recently made his bitcoin prediction that the price will hit $3000 before starting to rise again. Other cryptocurrency analysts have also predicted the same moves with some pointing out to $2000 range and some even below. However, in the long run, analysts predict a major bullish run in the upcoming years with Tim Draper still predicting a whopping $250,000 price of bitcoin by 2022.


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