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Top 15 Bitcoin and Crypto News Aggregators [Dec 2019 Updated]

Here, we've discussed and compiled the list for the top crypto news aggregators that you need to benefit from today to up you
Here, we’ve discussed and compiled the list for the top crypto news aggregators that you need to benefit from today to up your crypto game.

Are you a trader or a crypto enthusiast or just a keen individual on a lookout for reliable and exceptional crypto news aggregators. You’ve landed in the right place.

Here we’ve discussed the top crypto and Bitcoin news aggregator platforms that will give you access to the latest and most trending crypto news updates from around the world at one platform.

But first, let’s discuss how crypto news aggregators have proved to be the number one asset for making crypto-related decisions.

How a Crypto News Aggregator Assists you in a Cryptopanic State:

  • Assists in forming sound decisions by reading news from different sources
  • Helps in predicting crypto trends with the latest crypto updates
  • Helps in forming a sound judgment for crypto-traders
  • Assists crypto enthusiasts studying market trends to find the right time to invest in crypto

Top Crypto News Aggregators

1. CryptoViral

There’s a reason why CryptoViral has been able to achieve the number one spot on our list of top 15 crypto & Bitcoin news aggregator platforms.

crypto news aggregator

CryptoViral is a robust crypto news aggregator that allows its users to absorb the latest crypto data compiled from multiple reliable news sources along with the latest crypto updates from Twitter & Reddit all at CryptoViral.

CryptoViral is one of the best crypto news aggregators that enabling its users to remain focussed in the cryptopanic space, allowing them to form sound crypto-related decisions.

Reasons to choose CryptoViral:

  • 100% trustworthy news sources
  • Add altcoin of choice
  • Get notified in real-time
  • Get crypto updates from Twitter & Reddit (FREE Pro Feature)
  • Customize your CryptoViral dashboard accordingly

Visit CryptoViral by clicking here.

Note: CryptoViral is offering a 6 months FREE premium membership on sign up before 31st December 2019. Claim your free membership now!

2. CryptoControl

This website has a very colorful and vibrant scheme, and news posts appear in the form of boxes that are color-coded to correspond to different categories of news. The size of the box is directly related to the importance of the news. A very cool and popular platform for all sorts of crypto news.

crypto news aggregator

Visit the CryptoControl website by clicking here.

Note: The innovative News Heatmap on the site sums up the breaking crypto news in one place with the assistance of color-coded boxes.

3. CryptoPanic

CrytoPanic is another well-known crypto news aggregator platform that showcases the information indicating the impact on price and market for serious crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts. Various features provided by CryptoPanic come with its Pro account comes at $99 per year.

crypto news aggregator

Visit CryptoPanic by clicking here.

Note: CryptoPanic users can vote to mark important, bullish, or bearish price signals.

4. CoinSpectator

It features the latest news posts and articles about anything remotely related to cryptos. It features initial coin offerings or ICOs and also has a section where the prices for all of the most popular digital currencies in the market at the present moment. They also have an option to subscribe to their newsletter to provide a more user-friendly platform and have a blogging section.

crypto news aggregator

Visit CoinSpectator by clicking here.

Note: CoinSpectator allows its users to extract required content by filtering news, blogs, media, and press releases

5. Faws

Integrated with over 30 global and interesting platforms, Faws brings you all of your crypto news from all these sources. It is an easy to use platform. They provide the latest news in this domain and a very highly updated list of market prices for all the digital tokens in the market. They also have a portfolio section to get an estimate on the value of total assets you own across different digital wallets. It is also available for download as an app on both Android and iOS devices.

faws crypto news aggregator

Visit Faws by clicking here.

Note: Faws allows its users to create their watchlists according to coins, countries, categories, etc.

6. Coinlib

If you are a much more passionate investor about trading in the crypto world and want to have access to analysis tools using graphics and graphs, this is the best option. Along with providing news, it has excellent graphics and charts for people who do not like reading long articles. They also have a space for real-time display of market fluctuations in the prices of all digital currencies. It has an excellent interface and is very user-friendly and easy on the eyes.

crypto news aggregator

Visit Coinlib by clicking here.

Note: The real-time coin analysis even allows users to trade and signal their coins.

7. CoinNA

Another very popular and significant crypto news aggregator, CoinNA, has news categorized into the latest news and top stories. They also have a dedicated tutorials section, thus making it a very educational platform too. The search engine option helps you search for precisely the news type you are looking for. They also have the opportunity to read a technical analysis of stuff and even a country-wise report on several cryptos.

coinna bitcoin news aggregator

Visit the CoinNA site by clicking here.

Note: CoinNA, by default, comes with news filtered based on coin type.

8. CryptoCoinOwl

It features the top 3 bearish and top 3 bullish cryptos on its homepage and mostly focuses on the behavior of a wide range of digital currencies. Very user-friendly and highly useful for traders with a huge portfolio of investments, this website also has the feature for sudden alerts.

ccowl bitcoin news aggregator

Visit CryptoCoinOwl by clicking here.

Note: The CryptoCoinOwl website showcases the Top 25 rank change alerts, sudden spike alerts, and hourly change alerts on its platform.

9. News Now

News Now has a wide variety of news related to cryptos and related topics, thus making it a trendy choice amongst the people. A very easy on the eyes interface and highly updated, News Now is a great option to look into for your daily dose of crypto news.

newsnow bitcoin news aggregator

Visit News Now by clicking here.

Note: News Now is one of the oldest news aggregator platform started back in 1997, that has established its brand in over the last two decades.

10. CoinBeagle

This crypto news aggregator is very famous amongst the people for the huge range of sources it hosts. Very cool and very popular, this place is one of the most likable spaces for people to look into when they wish to use a news aggregator related to their crypto-related news.

bitcoin news aggregator coinbeagle

Visit CoinBeagle by clicking here.

Note: CoinBegale uses a simple scrolling interface for providing crypto-related news from multiple sources.


We hope you were able to find the best crypto news aggregator match for monitoring cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Crypto news aggregators assist you in forming sound decisions at the right time by staying informed about the current market fluctuations.

Hence, it is recommended to stay updated about the crypto-happenings from around the world via crypto news aggregator platforms to up your game in the crypto league.