Top 10 ICOs of all time and their valuation.

Understanding the top 10 ICOs.


Immense technical advancements have been taken since the inception of the Bitcoin in the year 2009.  The Blockchain technology is effectively used in new domains in which we would be able to gain access to some of the best technologies the world has ever experienced. the Blockchain technology can effectively be employed in the Electoral process, supply chain management, HR industry, Healthcare, etc. Fundraising through the process of initial coin offering is very rampant these days and is all set to transform the crowdfunding process. In fact, it is already experiencing how the blockchain revolution has improvised the initial coin offerings as they open up a wide range of opportunities for various entrepreneurs in the world. It’s amazing features like online, real-time, and spread throughout the world assist the entrepreneurs to bag huge amounts of Investments throughout the world in a very fast and easy manner. Let us try to gain some insights with respect to the top 10 ICOs of all time.  


1. Ethereum

The second most popular cryptocurrency coin which is well known for its smart contract development and decentralized applications development stands in the first position for the top 10 ICOs of all time. The cryptocurrency project was very popular and was supported by most prominent companies throughout the world and managed to raise USD 18.50 M in its duration of initial coin offering. The project is clearly very ambitious as it is still widely being adopted by the masses. The market valuation is $28,777,919,140 USD.


2. Augur

Standing in the second position in the list of top 10 ICOs of all time, the decentralized cryptocurrency Marketplace gained a massive following for its amazing and interesting application. The cryptocurrency project aims to develop a decentralized form of prediction Marketplace where the users can avail a platform in order to predict the certain outcome of an event in the future. In this way, by utilizing the wisdom of crowd precise predictions can be made which would be better for the advancement of the community as a whole. The cryptocurrency project initiated its initial coin offering in August 2015 and managed to raise USD 5.10 M amount. the current market valuation of the project is $211,200,551 USD.


3. Revolution VR (RVR)

This particular blockchain platform provides its customers to play create as well as interestingly share the virtual reality games. by using the readymade tools available the users can create the custom form of games, without even writing a single line of code.  The market valuation of the cryptocurrency project is $7,006,743 USD and there is no concept of mining as it is inherently designed in such manner. It is a direct fork of Litecoin.


4. Lisk (LSK)

The cryptocurrency project stands at 4th position in terms of the top 10 ICOs. The cryptocurrency network incorporates the delegated proof of stake concept with 101 designated nodes. The current market valuation of the project is around $563,697,874 USD.


5. Waves

The cryptocurrency blockchain platform is specifically designed for last business operations and individual user adoption. the main goal of the project is to democratize the usage of cryptocurrencies by providing a seamless interface to the all the users. The current market valuation of the cryptocurrency project which stands at 5th position among the top 10 ICOs is 237,346,309 USD.


6. Digix DAO (DGD)

It is basically the Asset ownership blockchain platform which designates the owner of gold in the digital format through this particular blockchain platform. Basically, 1 DGX is equivalent to one gram of gold which is physically available in the world. The cryptocurrency project is very popular among the crypto enthusiast and stands at a market valuation of $108,564,261 USD.


7. Rise (RISE)

The cryptocurrency project aims to further push the visions of the Ethereum blockchain in revolutionizing the usage of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Basically, it is a successor of lisk cryptocurrency. it provides a platform for all the developers in order to create an environment for decentralized applications and also for the creation of side chains for the functioning of such applications. The current market valuation of the project is $4,604,239 USD.


8. Let it Ride (LIR)

Initiated in 2016 it stands at eight positions in the list of top 10 ICOs and basically, it is nothing but a blockchain based gambling marketplace where the customers can stake certain amounts.  it even allowed by the incorporation of Fiat currencies into its working model in order to facilitate its customers.


9. Stratis

The cryptocurrency token mainly aims to empower both the public as well as private custom blockchain platforms. The project might sound very unfamiliar but is one of the lists of top 10 ICOs. it allows the business corporation to develop their customized blockchains with just a few clicks similar to that of any other famous blockchains running parallel. The current market valuation of the token is $151,352,185 USD.


10. FirstBlood (1ST)

The decentralized crypto platform is based on the Ethereum network which rewards the users based on their gaming skills. The market valuation of the coin is $5,946,548 USD.



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