Top 10 Dapp list of 2018. Amazing use of Blockchain.

Comprehending some of the most popular and amazing Dapps of 2018.


Decentralized applications have taken the whole cryptocurrency industry by storm.  Especially, the Ethereum network where many instances have been observed that the due to the Decentralised applications, the Ethereum network experienced congestions. Technically most of the Decentralised applications run on the principle of smart contracts with no centralized authority controlling the application. The apps contain real-world assets which can be used to play within the game and one can even earn some amounts of profits through it.  Let’s see the top 10 Dapp list of 2018.

1. 0xUniverse Dapp

The blockchain based game is the one where the players need to collect and manage the ownership as well as the resources of the planets in the Galaxy. The users just need to constantly expand the game to unravel some of the most unheard mysteries of the universe.  The developers are also looking forward to adding amazing storylines behind the mysteries of certain planets and keep their community members up to date.


2. Blockonix Dapp

One of the most decentralized forms of Ethereum based cryptocurrency exchange is well known for its reliability and low transaction fees. The exchange works without the human interference, completely through smart contracts. The transaction fee is as less as 0.1% and an additional 70% off is availed only when the users use the exchange’s native bdt tokens for the transaction.  


3. PoWH Dapp

It is one of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with a unique working mechanism. Its native cryptocurrency token is based on the ERC20 protocol and named as P3D. It is quite amusing that anyone who buys these tokens has to pay a 10% tax to the exchange, which is in turn distributed among the other P3D token holders, but as the process further continuous and as other people use the exchange in a to buy or make a transaction with a token, their 10% fee is distributed among all the previous P3D token holders. In this way, the users can generate some profits through it.


4. IDEX Dapp

It is the very first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which runs on the smart contract. One of the most advanced Ethereum based decentralized exchange supports real-time transactions along with high transaction throughput. However, it is designed in such a way that only the exchange is able to submit the signed transactions to the Ethereum network. It provides a combination of the best of the services from decentralized and centralized mechanisms.


5. Forkdelta Dapp

Another decentralized cryptocurrency exchange was developed mainly as a fork of Etherdelta when it was sold to the other investors who lacked the effective decision-making skills. The exchange is a completely open source in nature which provides transparency with its community members.  Seamless import of the Ethereum wallet is supported through the MetaMask extension.


6. Fomo3D Dapp

It is basically a gambling based decentralized game, on the Ethereum platform. Interestingly, the winner of the game is the person who bought the last key before the timer reaches 0. The complex mechanism is involved whereas the timer increases the number of the users starts to buy keys and gradually as a scarcity of the keys increases its value also increases and the timer gets slightly delayed. The decentralized game is gaining popularity among many others in the domain.


7. Zethr Dapp

The decentralized game is based on the principles of Casino, where the users can buy Zethr Tokens, in order to take part in the game. The games of the similar niche, have a linear increase of the price but here interestingly the invested Ether price and the price of the Zethr token is inversely square related. The cryptocurrency token as a minimum floor value which means that the users would undoubtedly be safe from the potential losses.


8. Augur Dapp

It is one of the most fascinating ethereum marketplaces where the ecosystem provides a sense of clairvoyance, with respect to any future predictions on various topics of discussion. The wisdom of the crowd principle is applied here where more accurate results are predicted based on the input provided by the holders of the token. The correct predictors would also be rewarded back.


9. Gods Unchained Dapp

It is another Ethereum based decentralized game of cards.  The users are provided with the provisions of selling their cards to other users with completely free of cost but retaining the ownership. Amazing weekly tournaments are held where huge amounts of rewards are kept aside for it.   


10. vDice Dapp

It is the world’s first decentralized Ether betting game. Basically, the users bet on a particular smart contract and the game is very easy to be played by any newcomer.