Top 10 Bitcoin venture capital firms

Top 10 Bitcoin venture capital firms

Venture Capital firms make investments in companies which are still in their early stages. These investments are made to boost these early stage companies in return of an ownership stake in that company or for equity. These venture capital firms provide financing or private equity to these early stage companies after they have accessed them and are sure that they have enormous growth potential. They might also invest in companies which have already shown substantial growth in the market already and wish to provide them further boost by making collaborations with them.

Accel Partners, Helion Venture Partners, Bloom Ventures, Sequoia Capital, are a few of the many more big names in the venture capital firms business or industry. Moreover, with the flourishment and growth of Bitcoins in the fintech world, more and more companies have started actively looking into this space and wish to get their hands in investing in Bitcoins too. There are several big names interested in Bitcoin and have already made significant contributions to this digital currency platform. Accordingly, if you are interested in knowing a few of the big players in this sector making investments in Bitcoin, given here is a list of 10 venture capital firms that are making big investments in Bitcoin.



A privately owned venture capital company with its main headquarters in Beijing, China, Bitmain has made its name by providing the world’s highest and best Returns on Investment for Bitcoin miners. It has been very actively involved in the venture and has always believed and stood behind the great growth of Bitcoins. One of the largest Bitcoin mining pools called Antpool, is actually owned by Bitmain thus showing the company’s excitement and belief in Bitcoins.


Union Square Ventures

One of the biggest names in the venture capital firms since a very long time, this is a very high profile name getting involved in the entire Bitcoin ecosystem thus also ensuring high returns for every company or startup based on Bitcoins that it has supported. Blockstack, a blockchain based startup received enormous support from Union Square Ventures in 2014 resulting which they were able to raise almost $2 million. This venture capital firm is highly responsible for the enormous growth that Bitcoins has gone through.


RRE Ventures

RRE Ventures is another big player in the Bitcoin venture capital firm market and has been constantly adding more and more Bitcoin companies to its long list of management portfolio. They stand very positively behind this entire technology and have made their investments in a variety of Bitcoin oriented stuff including itBit, 21 Inc, BitPay, Case, Mirror and Ripple Labs. RRE Ventures has already raised $1.5 billion which includes not just Bitcoin based startups but other ventures too thus making it a big player in the overall finance market.


Boost VC

In the initial years of this company laying it foundation stone, they made several prolific investments in the Bitcoin space thus making it a huge name in this area. Although only one of the companies it supports has reached substantial growth as of yet, it other companies in their portfolio looks to be giving a very positive picture and experts believe that these companies would shoot off soon. Although they have now shifted their focus slightly towards the Virtual Reality sector, they still continue to back almost 100 Bitcoin oriented companies.


Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz is notably a very high profile and respected name in the industry of venture capital firms and with their decision of getting involved in the Bitcoin scenario has provided quite a boost to the market cap of Bitcoin too. They constantly back the entire Bitcoin platform and its underlying blockchain technology thus showing how excited and positive the company is with Bitcoins. This is another venture capital firm other than Union Square Ventures which has heavily boosted the success of Bitcoin.


Ribbit Capital

Ribbit Capital has been providing unconditional support in the form of funds and thought leadership to several Bitcoin based startups thus helping them making huge returns and profits in their business. They have been very positive and excited about the future of Bitcoins and have always spoke highly of not just Bitcoins but also the blockchain technology.


Digital Currency Group

The Digital Currency Group has been very enthusiastic and positive towards Bitcoins and their future in the long haul and have never backed down from funding several companies that show good growth in the market or those which have the potential to rise way ahead. BitFlyer, BitPay, BitPesa, are three of the biggest Bitcoin ventures that they support amongst a long list of many more such startups and companies.


IDG Capital Partners

Another Chinese Venture Capital Firm on this list, is still a little cautious and conservative with its investments however they do make several investments time to time in Bitcoin and blockchain based startups. Of course one of their first investments was with Ripple Labs. They are looking to break into this entire scenario with added enthusiasm and we hope to see a great deal of participation from them in the coming years.


Lightspeed Venture Partners

This venture capital firm had been very enthusiastic in making investments in the technology sector especially Bitcoins and blockchain technology but now they have kind of slowed down with their investments for unknown reasons. There has not been any recent developments from them however they would always be one of the top Bitcoin venture capital firms.


AME Cloud Ventures

The last name on this list, AME Cloud Ventures has few names in their portfolio when it comes to Bitcoin based ventures however, these are all big names with great potential including Ripple Labs, Blockstream etc. Having founded by the Yahoo founder, AME has made quite remarkable investments and aided the growth of this digital currency.



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