What are Bitcoin Faucets? What are the top 10 Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets work on a similar concept of airdrops. A marketing strategy, bitcoin faucets allow for the distribution of rewards via the medium of a website or mobile application which is a satoshi. A satoshi is a hundredth of a millionth Bitcoin. Users can claim these satoshi in exchange for some easy to do service. These services can be anything like completing a captcha or to play a game such as the Bitcoin Fidget Spinner or some other task that would be explained on their website. These rewards are dispensed at predetermined time intervals. Generally, these Bitcoin faucets reward 10, 15, 20, 25, 30… and so on satoshi in every 5, 7, 10, 14, 19 minutes, however, these values may change from time to time and website to website.

The purpose of having such Bitcoin faucets is to primarily introduce Bitcoins to digital currency users and potential investors. So basically it is used to work as a marketing scheme to import traffic. And the most easy way of getting people to visit a website is with the promise of rewarding them for their deed in the form of money. More and more people get to know about a website actually giving monetary rewards to its users, more the number of new users are attracted and greater is the traffic generated. This increases the popularity of a particular brand name.

There is a huge number of such Bitcoin faucet websites and apps in the market however here is a list of the top 10 most famous bitcoin faucets. And with the ever changing market scenario of these digital currencies, something better and more popular always comes up, but here is a compilation of a few of the best bitcoin faucets in town.


What are the top 10 Bitcoin Faucets?



Quite possibly the best Bitcoin Faucet around, Milli has one of the most highest payouts in the form of Bitcoin rewards for its users and clients. On top of this, you would also earn rewards if new users sign up on their platform with your referral code. So basically, you marketing their product is helping you earn credit. Also, since platforms like these always face issues with monetary transactions, Milli offers a fairly active and supportive comments section where you can publish your concerns and issues for redressal. This service is very quick in response and your issues are addressed in under 24 hours.


Moon Bitcoin

A highly popular and reliable Bitcoin Faucet in the digital currency market, Moon Bitcoin can help you earn almost 1000 satoshis for every hour. You can also make a choice and decide on how often you wish to receive your payment so that your money does not stay stagnant in their accounts.


Robot Coin

With a tagline like ‘Become the champion, become rich’, who would not get excited? This site offers to pay you rewards for destroying robots. Robot coin is a bit difficult to quantify since as and when you move ahead in levels, the robots that you are required to fight and destroy become harder to destroy. However, the end reward is highly attractive which keeps the users going. Do not believe us? Robot Coin offers a payout of 1,000,000 satoshis if you manage to destroy its most tough and hardest to destroy robot. And yes, currently, 1,000,000 satoshi roughly equates to 1 million!


Satoshi Quiz

Wish to put in a little more effort to earn your rewards so that you actually feel that you have earned your Bitcoins? Try Satoshi Quiz. This is not just rewarding but fun too. This is for all those brainiacs out there who would get a cash reward every time they answer a question correctly on their site. If you love doing quizzes and answering questions in a timed format, this is maybe the best place for you to enjoy them and earn money too. If you seem to get stuck on a question, just Google it. But you have to be fast since the time is ticking constantly.


Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens boasts of one of the most high paying averages in the Bitcoin Faucets market. Almost 4300 satoshis (in excess) are paid out every hour. This is not a place where you are required to fill out forms, surveys or answer general knowledge questions correctly. You just have to sit and kill aliens. Isn’t that fun? So kill aliens, feel the thrill, and get rewarded for every kill. Who would have thought playing games was this rewarding?



This is one of the most highly recommended Bitcoin faucets out there simply owing to its high reward system. Moreover, long term use would allow you to cash on the seniority bonuses too. Just like Milli, you would also receive a commission for every user that signs up using your referral.


Satoshi City

Another very high paying Bitcoin faucet in the market, Satoshi City requires its users to solve captchas to claim rewards in the form of Bitcoins. We know filling out a huge number of captchas can be annoying and monotonous, but its the reward at the end that might keep you going. How does 400 satoshis every 10 minutes sound? I think that is rewarding enough to keep you going in filling out a few annoying captchas.


Bonus Bitcoin

One of the highest paying Bitcoin faucet on the digital currency market, it eliminates the waiting time that usually comes with other bitcoin faucet sites. Usually, a bitcoin faucet site requires you to wait for about 10-15 minutes before you can go ahead with completing the next task to get your reward, however with no such waiting time on Bonus Bitcoin, you can make quick money in lesser time.


Wonderland Coin

Another fun fantasy game, Wonderland Coin requires you to feed critters in their Wonderland for which you would be receiving as many as 5000 satoshis every 20 minutes. The more you feed them, the better rewards you earn. And similar to Milli, you would also receive substantial commission when new users join the network using your referral code.


Bitcoin Zebra

Feed the Zebra and earn satoshis. It is as simple as that! Another simple game you can play to receive high rewards, Bitcoin Zebra is one of the most popular bitcoin faucets.



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